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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Thunder Road

Thunder Road

Release Date: Wednesday, September 12 2018 (4 years ago)
Portrait of Jim CummingsJim Cummings
Officer Jim Arnaud
Jim Cummings was:
Portrait of Kendal FarrKendal Farr
Crystal Arnaud
Kendal Farr was:
Portrait of Nican RobinsonNican Robinson
Officer Nate Lewis
Nican Robinson was:
Portrait of Jocelyn DeBoerJocelyn DeBoer
Rosalind Arnaud
Jocelyn DeBoer was:
Portrait of Chelsea EdmundsonChelsea Edmundson
Morgan Arnaud
Chelsea Edmundson was:
Portrait of Macon BlairMacon Blair
Dustin Zahn
Macon Blair was:
Portrait of Bill WiseBill Wise
The Captain
Bill Wise was:
Portrait of Jordan Ray FoxJordan Ray Fox
Officer Doug
Jordan Ray Fox was:
Portrait of Ammie MastersonAmmie Masterson
Celia Lewis
Ammie Masterson was:
Portrait of Frank MosleyFrank Mosley
Homeless Man
Frank Mosley was:
Portrait of Jacqueline DokeJacqueline Doke
Jacqueline Doke was:
Portrait of Chris DoubekChris Doubek
Guy in a Nice Suit on a Bicycle
Chris Doubek was:
Portrait of Tristan RiggsTristan Riggs
Tristan Riggs was:
Portrait of William Kevin OlliffWilliam Kevin Olliff
William Kevin Olliff was:
Portrait of Marshall AllmanMarshall Allman
Marshall Allman was:
Portrait of István MihályIstván Mihály
Theatergoer (uncredited)
István Mihály was:
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