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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Life Is a Miracle

Life Is a Miracle

Release Date: 2004-05-14 (17 years ago)
Slavko Štimac
Luka Đurić
Slavko Štimac was:
Nataša Tapušković
Nataša Tapušković was:
Vesna Trivalić
Jadranka Đurić
Vesna Trivalić was:
Vuk Kostić
Miloš Đurić
Vuk Kostić was:
Aleksandar Berček
Aleksandar Berček was:
Stribor Kusturica
Kapetan Aleksić
Stribor Kusturica was:
Mirjana Karanović
Mirjana Karanović was:
Nikola Kojo
Nikola Kojo was:
Branislav Lalević
Branislav Lalević was:
Davor Janjić
Davor Janjić was:
Adnan Omerović
Adnan Omerović was:
Obrad Đurović
Obrad Đurović was:
Dr. Nele Karajlić
Cymbal Player
Dr. Nele Karajlić was:
Dana Todorović
SF TV Reporter
Dana Todorović was:
Vanesa Glođo
Nurse 1
Vanesa Glođo was:
Josif Tatić
Doctor 1
Josif Tatić was:
Dragan Zurovac
Football Manager
Dragan Zurovac was:
Dejan Šparavalo
Orchestra Conductor
Dejan Šparavalo was:
Dragan Krtolina
Đani Rebus
Dragan Krtolina was:
Josep Weber
Military Instructor
Josep Weber was:
Milan Janjušević
Milan Janjušević was:
Vladan Milojević
Captain Aleksic's Orderly
Vladan Milojević was:
Marko Jeremić
Marko Jeremić was:
Bojan Krstović
Bosnian Sniper 1
Bojan Krstović was:
Zoran Jovanović
Bosnian Sniper 2
Zoran Jovanović was:
Zorica Jovanović
Nurse 2
Zorica Jovanović was:
Branko Ristanović
Doctor 2
Branko Ristanović was:
Lidija Stankov
Lidija Stankov was:
Aco Šišić
Violon Player
Aco Šišić was:
Bora Dimić
Accordion Player
Bora Dimić was:
Petar Samardžija
Agresivni vojnik
Petar Samardžija was:
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