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They Shall Have Music

They Shall Have Music

Release Date: 1939-08-18 (82 years ago)
Jascha Heifetz
Jascha Heifetz was:
Joel McCrea
Peter McCarthy
Joel McCrea was:
Andrea Leeds
Ann Lawson
Andrea Leeds was:
Gene Reynolds
Gene Reynolds was:
Walter Brennan
Professor Lawson
Walter Brennan was:
Terry Kilburn
Terry Kilburn was:
Tommy Kelly
Tommy Kelly was:
Porter Hall
Mr. Flower
Porter Hall was:
Walter Tetley
Rocks Mulligan
Walter Tetley was:
Chuck Stubbs
Chuck Stubbs was:
Gale Sherwood
Gale Sherwood was:
Alfred Newman
Musical Director
Alfred Newman was:
Mary Ruth
Mary Ruth was:
John St. Polis
John St. Polis was:
Alexander Schoenberg
Alexander Schoenberg was:
Marjorie Main
Mrs. Miller
Marjorie Main was:
Arthur Hohl
Arthur Hohl was:
Paul Harvey
Heifetz' Manager
Paul Harvey was:
Sucker the Dog
Zero was:
Peter Meremblum
Peter Meremblum
Peter Meremblum was:
Calvin Leslie
Calvin Leslie was:
Effie Anderson
Woman on Steps (uncredited)
Effie Anderson was:
Jessie Arnold
Woman in Alley Yelling for Police (uncredited)
Jessie Arnold was:
Arthur Aylesworth
Detective (uncredited)
Arthur Aylesworth was:
Emanuel Bay
Accompanist for 'Hora staccato' (uncredited)
Emanuel Bay was:
Brooks Benedict
Man in Concert Audience (uncredited)
Brooks Benedict was:
Richard Berres
Cellist in Meremblum Orchestra (uncredited)
Richard Berres was:
Stanley Blystone
Policeman at Police Station (uncredited)
Stanley Blystone was:
Morris Boltuch
Kid in Orchestra (uncredited)
Morris Boltuch was:
Wade Boteler
Bill - Police Lieutenant (uncredited)
Wade Boteler was:
Raymond D. Bowman
Violinist (uncredited)
Raymond D. Bowman was:
Virginia Brissac
Willie's Mother (uncredited)
Virginia Brissac was:
Dorothy Christy
Woman Angry at Husband Being Late (uncredited)
Dorothy Christy was:
Charles Coleman
Henry - Heifetz's Butler (uncredited)
Charles Coleman was:
Kaye Connor
Girl in Orchestra (uncredited)
Kaye Connor was:
Dulcie Day
A Woman in Line (uncredited)
Dulcie Day was:
Joe De Stefani
Pawn Broker (uncredited)
Joe De Stefani was:
Alan Edwards
Concertgoer Throwing Tickets Away (uncredited)
Alan Edwards was:
Virginia Ellis
Violinist (uncredited)
Virginia Ellis was:
Fern Emmett
Woman on Steps (uncredited)
Fern Emmett was:
James Flavin
Police Sergeant (uncredited)
James Flavin was:
John Hamilton
Detective (uncredited)
John Hamilton was:
Robert Homans
Policeman at Barney's Pool Room (uncredited)
Robert Homans was:
Roger Imhof
Michael - Deputy (uncredited)
Roger Imhof was:
Perry Ivins
Mr. Morgam (uncredited)
Perry Ivins was:
Frank Jaquet
Mr. Wallace (uncredited)
Frank Jaquet was:
John Kelly
Kelly (uncredited)
John Kelly was:
Ethan Laidlaw
Film Delivery Man (uncredited)
Ethan Laidlaw was:
Maude Louis
Woman in Line (uncredited)
Maude Louis was:
Mitchell Lurie
Clarinetist in Orchestra (uncredited)
Mitchell Lurie was:
Diana Lynn
Pianist (uncredited)
Diana Lynn was:
J. Farrell MacDonald
Police Chief (uncredited)
J. Farrell MacDonald was:
Louis Mason
Deputy (uncredited)
Louis Mason was:
Eric Mayne
Man in Concert Audience
Eric Mayne was:
Anne O'Neal
Woman on Steps (uncredited)
Anne O'Neal was:
Emory Parnell
Policeman in Rain (uncredited)
Emory Parnell was:
Lee Phelps
Policeman in Auditorium (uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
Edwina Pierce
Violinist (uncredited)
Edwina Pierce was:
Annette Ruderman
Violinist (uncredited)
Annette Ruderman was:
Theodore Saidenberg
Heifetz's Accompanist (uncredited)
Theodore Saidenberg was:
Wyndham Standing
Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Wyndham Standing was:
Paul Stanton
Inspector Johnson (uncredited)
Paul Stanton was:
Elizabeth Valentine
Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Elizabeth Valentine was:
Emmett Vogan
Police Chief's Aide (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan was:
Bryant Washburn Jr.
Usher in Carnegie Hall (uncredited)
Bryant Washburn Jr. was:
Billy Wayne
Film Delivery Man (uncredited)
Billy Wayne was:
Marjorie Wood
Betty's Mother (uncredited)
Marjorie Wood was:
Mary Louise Zeyen
Cellist in Orchestra (uncredited)
Mary Louise Zeyen was:
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