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The Affairs of Martha

The Affairs of Martha

Release Date: 1942-06-21 (79 years ago)
Marsha Hunt
Martha Lindstrom
Marsha Hunt was:
Richard Carlson
Jeff Sommerfield
Richard Carlson was:
Marjorie Main
Mrs. McKissick
Marjorie Main was:
Virginia Weidler
Miranda Sommerfield
Virginia Weidler was:
Spring Byington
Sophia Sommerfield
Spring Byington was:
Allyn Joslyn
Joel Archer
Allyn Joslyn was:
Frances Drake
Sylvia Norwood
Frances Drake was:
Barry Nelson
Danny O'Brien
Barry Nelson was:
Melville Cooper
Dr. Clarence Sommerfield
Melville Cooper was:
Inez Cooper
Mrs. Jacell
Inez Cooper was:
Sara Haden
Mrs. Justin I. Peacock
Sara Haden was:
Margaret Hamilton
Margaret Hamilton was:
Ernest Truex
Llewellyn Castle
Ernest Truex was:
Cecil Cunningham
Mrs. Llewellyn Castle
Cecil Cunningham was:
William B. Davidson
Homer Jacell
William B. Davidson was:
Aubrey Mather
Justin I. Peacock
Aubrey Mather was:
Grady Sutton
Justin Peacock Jr.
Grady Sutton was:
Norman Abbott
Newsboy (uncredited)
Norman Abbott was:
Arthur Belasco
Gardener (uncredited)
Arthur Belasco was:
Leonard Carey
The Butler (uncredited)
Leonard Carey was:
Thomas Clarke
Baritone on the Radio (uncredited)
Thomas Clarke was:
Leigh De Lacey
Charwoman (uncredited)
Leigh De Lacey was:
Edgar Dearing
Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Edgar Dearing was:
Virginia Farmer
Minor Role (uncredited)
Virginia Farmer was:
Gloria Gaye
One of Castle's Daughters (uncredited)
Gloria Gaye was:
Jody Gilbert
Hadwig (uncredited)
Jody Gilbert was:
Antoinette Haezert
English Maid (uncredited)
Antoinette Haezert was:
Raymond Hatton
Patrolling Beach Cleaner (uncredited)
Raymond Hatton was:
Ralph McCullough
Postman (uncredited)
Ralph McCullough was:
Buddy Messinger
Butcher Boy (uncredited)
Buddy Messinger was:
Gil Patric
Baker (uncredited)
Gil Patric was:
Robin Raymond
Juanita (uncredited)
Robin Raymond was:
Mae Roberts
One of Castle's Daughters (uncredited)
Mae Roberts was:
Virginia Tallent
One of Castle's Daughters (uncredited)
Virginia Tallent was:
William Tannen
Mechanic (uncredited)
William Tannen was:
Ralph Volkie
Garbageman (uncredited)
Ralph Volkie was:
Dave Willock
Milkman (uncredited)
Dave Willock was:
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