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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Susan and God

Susan and God

Release Date: 1940-06-07 (81 years ago)
Joan Crawford
Susan Trexel
Joan Crawford was:
Fredric March
Barrie Trexel
Fredric March was:
Ruth Hussey
Ruth Hussey was:
John Carroll
Clyde Rochester
John Carroll was:
Rita Hayworth
Leonora Stubbs
Rita Hayworth was:
Nigel Bruce
Nigel Bruce was:
Bruce Cabot
Bruce Cabot was:
Rose Hobart
Rose Hobart was:
Constance Collier
Lady Wigstaff
Constance Collier was:
Rita Quigley
Rita Quigley was:
Gloria DeHaven
Gloria DeHaven was:
Richard Crane
Richard Crane was:
Norma Mitchell
Norma Mitchell was:
Marjorie Main
Marjorie Main was:
Aldrich Bowker
Aldrich Bowker was:
Rama Bai
Native Girl at Party (uncredited)
Rama Bai was:
Coco Broadhurst
Slim (uncredited)
Coco Broadhurst was:
Romaine Callender
Oliver Leeds (uncredited)
Romaine Callender was:
Don Castle
Theater Usher (uncredited)
Don Castle was:
Dan Dailey
Homer (uncredited)
Dan Dailey was:
Jane Drummond
Rose (uncredited)
Jane Drummond was:
Herbert Evans
David (uncredited)
Herbert Evans was:
Edward Gargan
Cabbie (uncredited)
Edward Gargan was:
Bobby Hale
Tom (uncredited)
Bobby Hale was:
Sam Harris
Amos - Seated Man in Bar (uncredited)
Sam Harris was:
Keith Hitchcock
Scotchman at Party (uncredited)
Keith Hitchcock was:
Claude King
L.F. (uncredited)
Claude King was:
Harold Landon
Christopher (uncredited)
Harold Landon was:
Billy Lechner
Party Guest (uncredited)
Billy Lechner was:
Joan Leslie
Party Guest (uncredited)
Joan Leslie was:
Louis Mason
Station Master (uncredited)
Louis Mason was:
Lon McCallister
Party Guest (uncredited)
Lon McCallister was:
Oscar O'Shea
Samr (uncredited)
Oscar O'Shea was:
David Oliver
Man at Bar (uncredited)
David Oliver was:
Manuel París
Ship Steward (uncredited)
Manuel París was:
Louis Payne
Dave (uncredited)
Louis Payne was:
Ed Payson
Athlete (uncredited)
Ed Payson was:
Susan Peters
Party Guest (uncredited)
Susan Peters was:
Eleanor Soohoo
Native Girl at Party (uncredited)
Eleanor Soohoo was:
Phil Tead
Exiting Theater Patron (uncredited)
Phil Tead was:
David Leo Tillotson
Party Guest (uncredited)
David Leo Tillotson was:
Henryette Yate
Fifi (uncredited)
Henryette Yate was:
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