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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Prison Farm

Prison Farm

Release Date: 1938-06-17 (83 years ago)
Shirley Ross
Jean Forest
Shirley Ross was:
Lloyd Nolan
Larry Harrison
Lloyd Nolan was:
John Howard
Dr. Roi Conrad
John Howard was:
J. Carrol Naish
Noel Haskins
J. Carrol Naish was:
Porter Hall
Chiston R. Bradby
Porter Hall was:
Esther Dale
Cora Waxley
Esther Dale was:
May Boley
'Shifty' Sue
May Boley was:
Marjorie Main
Matron Brand
Marjorie Main was:
Anna Q. Nilsson
Matron Ames
Anna Q. Nilsson was:
Robert Brister
Joe Easy
Robert Brister was:
Mae Busch
Mae Busch was:
Edwin J. Carlie
Edwin J. Carlie was:
Jimmy Conlin
Dave, the Grocer
Jimmy Conlin was:
Virginia Dabney
Prisoner Maisie
Virginia Dabney was:
Dick Elliott
The Glenby Judge
Dick Elliott was:
Ethyl May Halls
Ethyl May Halls was:
Carl Harbaugh
Carl Harbaugh was:
William Holden
William Holden was:
John Hubbard
John Hubbard was:
Betty Mack
Betty Mack was:
Howard M. Mitchell
Howard M. Mitchell was:
Blanche Rose
Laundry Trustee
Blanche Rose was:
Bosy Roth
Bosy Roth was:
Vera Steadman
Bit Role
Vera Steadman was:
Archie Twitchell
Telegraph Operator
Archie Twitchell was:
Phil Warren
Injured Prisoner
Phil Warren was:
Ruth Warren
Prisoner Josie
Ruth Warren was:
Pat West
Station Agent
Pat West was:
Cecil Weston
Cecil Weston was:
Gloria Williams
Bit Role
Gloria Williams was:
Charles C. Wilson
Charles C. Wilson was:
Diane Wood
Prisoner Dolly
Diane Wood was:
John Hart
'Texas' Jack
John Hart was:
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