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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

I Take This Woman

I Take This Woman

Release Date: 1940-02-02 (81 years ago)
Spencer Tracy
Karl Decker
Spencer Tracy was:
Hedy Lamarr
Georgi Gragore
Hedy Lamarr was:
Verree Teasdale
Madame Marcesca
Verree Teasdale was:
Kent Taylor
Phil Mayberry
Kent Taylor was:
Laraine Day
Linda Rodgers
Laraine Day was:
Mona Barrie
Sandra Mayberry
Mona Barrie was:
Jack Carson
Jack Carson was:
Paul Cavanagh
Bill Rodgers
Paul Cavanagh was:
Louis Calhern
Dr. Martin Sumner Duveen
Louis Calhern was:
Frances Drake
Lola Estermont
Frances Drake was:
Marjorie Main
Marjorie Main was:
George E. Stone
George E. Stone was:
Willie Best
Willie Best was:
Don Castle
Ted Fenton
Don Castle was:
Dalies Frantz
Joe Barnes
Dalies Frantz was:
Reed Hadley
Bob Hampton
Reed Hadley was:
Lowden Adams
Phil's Butler (uncredited)
Lowden Adams was:
King Baggot
Man in Subway (uncredited)
King Baggot was:
Polly Bailey
Mrs. Glutz - Woman in Clinic (uncredited)
Polly Bailey was:
Arthur Belasco
Minor Role (uncredited)
Arthur Belasco was:
Leon Belasco
Pancho (uncredited)
Leon Belasco was:
Joe Bordeaux
Man in Clinic (uncredited)
Joe Bordeaux was:
Ralph Brooks
Night Club Dance Extra (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks was:
Charles D. Brown
Police Lieutenant (uncredited)
Charles D. Brown was:
Jack Chefe
Waiter (uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
David Clyde
Ship Steward (uncredited)
David Clyde was:
Tom Collins
Intern Harry (uncredited)
Tom Collins was:
Nell Craig
Nurse on Ship (uncredited)
Nell Craig was:
Richard Cramer
Man with Packages in Subway (uncredited)
Richard Cramer was:
Rosina Galli
Clinic Woman Who Lost Her Baby (uncredited)
Rosina Galli was:
Jack Gardner
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Jack Gardner was:
George Humbert
Tony - Pushcart Vendor and Clinic Supporter (uncredited)
George Humbert was:
Clarke Jennings
Reynolds - Rodgers' Chauffeur (uncredited)
Clarke Jennings was:
Edward Keane
Dr. Harrison (uncredited)
Edward Keane was:
Jack Kenney
Clinic Well-Wisher with Cigar (uncredited)
Jack Kenney was:
Peggy Leon
Martha - Georgi's Maid (uncredited)
Peggy Leon was:
Joe Levine
Big Boy (uncredited)
Joe Levine was:
Jimmie Lucas
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Jimmie Lucas was:
Sally Martin
Sid's Daughter (uncredited)
Sally Martin was:
Matt McHugh
Mike Fescue - Man in Clinic (uncredited)
Matt McHugh was:
Esther Michelson
Woman in Clinic (uncredited)
Esther Michelson was:
Rhea Mitchell
Decker's Secretary (uncredited)
Rhea Mitchell was:
Natalie Moorhead
May - Saleslady (uncredited)
Natalie Moorhead was:
Albert Petit
Waiter (uncredited)
Albert Petit was:
Lee Phelps
Policeman (uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
Cyril Ring
Night Club Extra (uncredited)
Cyril Ring was:
Ronald R. Rondell
Night Club Extra (uncredited)
Ronald R. Rondell was:
Syd Saylor
First Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Syd Saylor was:
John Sheehan
Clinic Patient with Good Blood Pressure (uncredited)
John Sheehan was:
John Shelton
Intern Steve (uncredited)
John Shelton was:
Florence Shirley
Mrs. Leila Bettincourt (uncredited)
Florence Shirley was:
Napoleon Simpson
Thompson - a Doorman (uncredited)
Napoleon Simpson was:
Rafael Alcayde
Raoul Cedro (uncredited)
Rafael Alcayde was:
Charles Trowbridge
Dr. Morris (uncredited)
Charles Trowbridge was:
Gayne Whitman
Dr. Phelps (uncredited)
Gayne Whitman was:
Florence Wix
Mrs. Winterhalter (uncredited)
Florence Wix was:
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