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Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait

Release Date: 1943-08-05 (78 years ago)
Gene Tierney
Martha Strabel Van Cleve
Gene Tierney was:
Don Ameche
Henry Van Cleve
Don Ameche was:
Charles Coburn
Hugo Van Cleve
Charles Coburn was:
Marjorie Main
Mrs. Strabel
Marjorie Main was:
Laird Cregar
His Excellency
Laird Cregar was:
Spring Byington
Bertha Van Cleve
Spring Byington was:
Allyn Joslyn
Albert Van Cleve
Allyn Joslyn was:
Eugene Pallette
E.F. Strabel
Eugene Pallette was:
Signe Hasso
Yvette ("Mademoiselle")
Signe Hasso was:
Louis Calhern
Randolph Van Cleve
Louis Calhern was:
Helene Reynolds
Peggy Nash
Helene Reynolds was:
Aubrey Mather
Aubrey Mather was:
Tod Andrews
Jack Van Cleve
Tod Andrews was:
Florence Bates
Mrs. Edna Craig (uncredited)
Florence Bates was:
Scotty Beckett
Henry Van Cleve - Age 9 (uncredited)
Scotty Beckett was:
Clara Blandick
Grandmother Van Cleve (uncredited)
Clara Blandick was:
Leonard Carey
Flogdell (uncredited)
Leonard Carey was:
James Conaty
Man in Park with Top Hat (uncredited)
James Conaty was:
Jack Deery
Party Guest (uncredited)
Jack Deery was:
Claire Du Brey
Miss Ralston - Jack's Secretary (uncredited)
Claire Du Brey was:
Jay Eaton
Book Store Clerk (uncredited)
Jay Eaton was:
James Flavin
Policeman (uncredited)
James Flavin was:
Bess Flowers
Party Guest (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Gary Gray
Boy in Park (uncredited)
Gary Gray was:
Alfred Hall
Albert's Father (uncredited)
Alfred Hall was:
Grayce Hampton
Albert's Mother (uncredited)
Grayce Hampton was:
Marlene Mains
Mary - Age 9 (uncredited)
Marlene Mains was:
Trudy Marshall
Jane Van Cleve - Jack's Wife (uncredited)
Trudy Marshall was:
Edwin Maxwell
Doctor (uncredited)
Edwin Maxwell was:
Michael McLean
Henry Van Cleve - as Baby (uncredited)
Michael McLean was:
Doris Merrick
Nellie Brown - Registered Nurse (uncredited)
Doris Merrick was:
Harold Miller
Party Guest (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Dickie Moore
Henry Van Cleve - Age 15 (uncredited)
Dickie Moore was:
Bert Moorhouse
Party Guest (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
Clarence Muse
Jasper (uncredited)
Clarence Muse was:
Monty O'Grady
Party Guest (uncredited)
Monty O'Grady was:
Anne O'Neal
Day Nurse (uncredited)
Anne O'Neal was:
Gerald Pierce
Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Gerald Pierce was:
Nino Pipitone Jr.
Jack Van Cleve - as Child (uncredited)
Nino Pipitone Jr. was:
June Preston
Jack Van Cleve daughter (age 13) (uncredited)
June Preston was:
Maureen Roden-Ryan
Bediliah - Nurse in Park (uncredited)
Maureen Roden-Ryan was:
Anita Sharp-Bolster
Mrs. Cooper-Cooper (uncredited)
Anita Sharp-Bolster was:
Gerald Oliver Smith
Smith - Van Cleve's Second Butler (uncredited)
Gerald Oliver Smith was:
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