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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Dead End

Dead End

Release Date: 1937-08-27 (84 years ago)
Sylvia Sidney
Drina Gordon
Sylvia Sidney was:
Joel McCrea
Joel McCrea was:
Humphrey Bogart
'Baby Face' Martin
Humphrey Bogart was:
Wendy Barrie
Wendy Barrie was:
Claire Trevor
Claire Trevor was:
Allen Jenkins
Allen Jenkins was:
Marjorie Main
Mrs. Martin
Marjorie Main was:
Billy Halop
Tommy Gordon
Billy Halop was:
Huntz Hall
Huntz Hall was:
Bobby Jordan
Bobby Jordan was:
Leo Gorcey
Leo Gorcey was:
Gabriel Dell
Gabriel Dell was:
Bernard Punsly
Bernard Punsly was:
Charles Peck
Charles Peck was:
Minor Watson
Mr. Griswald
Minor Watson was:
James Burke
Police Officer Mulligan
James Burke was:
Ward Bond
Ward Bond was:
Elisabeth Risdon
Mrs. Connell
Elisabeth Risdon was:
Esther Dale
Mrs. Fenner
Esther Dale was:
George Humbert
George Humbert was:
Marcelle Corday
Marcelle Corday was:
Don Barry
Dr. Flynn, Intern (Uncredited)
Don Barry was:
Wade Boteler
Policeman at Killing (Uncredited)
Wade Boteler was:
Al Bridge
Policeman in Drina's Apartment (Uncredited)
Al Bridge was:
G. Pat Collins
Detective at Killing (Uncredited)
G. Pat Collins was:
Thomas E. Jackson
Police Lieutenant at Killing (Uncredited)
Thomas E. Jackson was:
Tom Ricketts
Old Man (Uncredited)
Tom Ricketts was:
Walter Soderling
Coroner at Killing (Uncredited)
Walter Soderling was:
Earl Askam
Griswald's Chauffeur (Uncredited)
Earl Askam was:
Gilbert Clayton
Man with Weak Voice (Uncredited)
Gilbert Clayton was:
Jerry Cooper
Baby (Uncredited)
Jerry Cooper was:
Bill Dagwell
Drunk (Uncredited)
Bill Dagwell was:
Bud Geary
Kay's Chauffeur (Uncredited)
Bud Geary was:
Charles Halton
Whitey (Uncredited)
Charles Halton was:
Robert Homans
Policeman on Morning Beat (Uncredited)
Robert Homans was:
Esther Howard
Neighbor with Coarse Voice (Uncredited)
Esther Howard was:
Kathryn Ann Lujan
Milty's Sister (Uncredited)
Kathryn Ann Lujan was:
Mona Monet
Nurse (Uncredited)
Mona Monet was:
Gertrude Valerie
Old Lady with Old Man (Uncredited)
Gertrude Valerie was:
Charlotte Treadway
Woman with Poodle (Uncredited)
Charlotte Treadway was:
Maude Lambert
Woman with Poodle (Uncredited)
Maude Lambert was:
Lucile Browne
Well-Dressed Woman (Uncredited)
Lucile Browne was:
Frank Shields
Well-Dressed Man (Uncredited)
Frank Shields was:
Wesley Giraud
Tough Boy Looking for Fight (Uncredited)
Wesley Giraud was:
Mickey Martin
Tough Boy Looking for Fight (Uncredited)
Mickey Martin was:
Payne B. Johnson
Boy on Dock (Uncredited)
Payne B. Johnson was:
Sidney Kibrick
Boy (Uncredited)
Sidney Kibrick was:
Larry Harris
Boy (Uncredited)
Larry Harris was:
Tom Randall
Boy (Uncredited)
Tom Randall was:
Norman Salling
Boy (Uncredited)
Norman Salling was:
Hugh Sheridan
Boy (Uncredited)
Hugh Sheridan was:
Audrey Carol
Girl (Uncredited)
Audrey Carol was:
Paula Hariette Levy
Girl (Uncredited)
Paula Hariette Levy was:
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