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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Crime without Passion

Crime without Passion

Release Date: 1934-08-30 (87 years ago)
Claude Rains
Lee Gentry
Claude Rains was:
Carmen Brown
Margo was:
Whitney Bourne
Katy Costello
Whitney Bourne was:
Stanley Ridges
Eddie White
Stanley Ridges was:
Leslie Adams
State's Attorney O'Brien
Leslie Adams was:
Esther Dale
Miss Keeley
Esther Dale was:
Greta Granstedt
Greta Granstedt was:
Paula Trueman
Buster Malloy
Paula Trueman was:
Fanny Brice
Extra in Hotel Lobby
Fanny Brice was:
Helen Hayes
Extra in Hotel Lobby
Helen Hayes was:
Ben Hecht
Court Interviewer with Pipe
Ben Hecht was:
Charles MacArthur
Second Interviewer
Charles MacArthur was:
Jack Carr
Jack Carr was:
Fraye Gilbert
Fraye Gilbert was:
Dorothy Bradshaw
Dorothy Bradshaw was:
Betty Sundmark
Betty Sundmark was:
Fuller Mellish
Fuller Mellish was:
Charles Kennedy
Police Lieutenant Norton
Charles Kennedy was:
Cornelius MacSunday
Gentry's Butler
Cornelius MacSunday was:
Marjorie Main
Backstage Wardrobe Woman
Marjorie Main was:
Marion Martin
Theater Cashier
Marion Martin was:
Betty Real
Waitress Who Slaps Lee Gentry
Betty Real was:
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