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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of She's Dressed to Kill

She's Dressed to Kill

Release Date: Monday, December 10 1979 (43 years ago)
Portrait of John RubinsteinJohn Rubinstein
Alan Lenz
John Rubinstein was:
Portrait of Jessica WalterJessica Walter
Irene Barton
Jessica Walter was:
Portrait of Connie SelleccaConnie Sellecca
Alix Goldman
Connie Sellecca was:
Portrait of Jim McMullanJim McMullan
Sheriff Halsey / Michael Barton
Jim McMullan was:
Portrait of Clive RevillClive Revill
Victor De Salle
Clive Revill was:
Portrait of Gretchen CorbettGretchen Corbett
Laura Gooch
Gretchen Corbett was:
Portrait of Barbara CasonBarbara Cason
Deenie Gooch
Barbara Cason was:
Portrait of Cathie ShirriffCathie Shirriff
Kate Bedford
Cathie Shirriff was:
Portrait of Corinne CalvetCorinne Calvet
Corinne Calvet was:
Portrait of Eleanor ParkerEleanor Parker
Regine Danton
Eleanor Parker was:
Portrait of Peter HortonPeter Horton
Tony Smith
Peter Horton was:
Portrait of Jonathan BanksJonathan Banks
Rudy Striker
Jonathan Banks was:
Portrait of Marianne McAndrewMarianne McAndrew
Marianne McAndrew was:
Portrait of Seamon GlassSeamon Glass
Seamon Glass was:
Portrait of Russ MarinRuss Marin
Russ Marin was:
Portrait of Joanna CassidyJoanna Cassidy
Camille Betancourt
Joanna Cassidy was:
Portrait of Casey BrownCasey Brown
Casey Brown was:
Portrait of Gail JoyGail Joy
Marissa Newport
Gail Joy was:
Portrait of Cassandra GavaCassandra Gava
(as Cassandra Gaviola)
Cassandra Gava was:
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