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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Chandler


Release Date: Wednesday, December 1 1971 (51 years ago)
Portrait of Warren OatesWarren Oates
Warren Oates was:
Portrait of Leslie CaronLeslie Caron
Katherine Creighton
Leslie Caron was:
Portrait of Alex DreierAlex Dreier
Ross J. Carmady
Alex Dreier was:
Portrait of Mitchell RyanMitchell Ryan
Chuck Kincaid
Mitchell Ryan was:
Portrait of Gordon PinsentGordon Pinsent
John Melchior
Gordon Pinsent was:
Portrait of Charles McGrawCharles McGraw
Bernie Oakman
Charles McGraw was:
Portrait of Richard LooRichard Loo
Richard Loo was:
Portrait of Gloria GrahameGloria Grahame
Gloria Grahame was:
Portrait of Walter BurkeWalter Burke
Walter Burke was:
Portrait of Marianne McAndrewMarianne McAndrew
Angel Carter
Marianne McAndrew was:
Portrait of Scatman CrothersScatman Crothers
Scatman Crothers was:
Portrait of Lal BaumLal Baum
Lal Baum was:
Portrait of Charles ShullCharles Shull
Binder Ransin
Charles Shull was:
Portrait of John MitchumJohn Mitchum
Rudy, Bartender
John Mitchum was:
Portrait of Vickery TurnerVickery Turner
Vickery Turner was:
Portrait of Ray KelloggRay Kellogg
Captain of Security Guard
Ray Kellogg was:
Portrait of Ernest LawrenceErnest Lawrence
Asst. Station Master
Ernest Lawrence was:
Portrait of Eugene JacksonEugene Jackson
Shoe Shine Boy
Eugene Jackson was:
Portrait of Eddie MarksEddie Marks
Taxi Driver #1
Eddie Marks was:
Portrait of Frederick Stanley IIFrederick Stanley II
Taxi Driver #2
Frederick Stanley II was:
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