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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Schindler's List

Schindler's List

Release Date: 1993-11-30 (27 years ago)
Liam Neeson
Oskar Schindler
Liam Neeson was:
Ben Kingsley
Itzhak Stern
Ben Kingsley was:
Ralph Fiennes
Amon Göth
Ralph Fiennes was:
Caroline Goodall
Emilie Schindler
Caroline Goodall was:
Jonathan Sagall
Poldek Pfefferberg
Jonathan Sagall was:
Embeth Davidtz
Helen Hirsch
Embeth Davidtz was:
Malgorzata Gebel
Wiktoria Klonowska
Malgorzata Gebel was:
Mark Ivanir
Marcel Goldberg
Mark Ivanir was:
Béatrice Macola
Béatrice Macola was:
Andrzej Seweryn
Julian Scherner
Andrzej Seweryn was:
Friedrich von Thun
Rolf Czurda
Friedrich von Thun was:
Jerzy Nowak
Jerzy Nowak was:
Norbert Weisser
Albert Hujar
Norbert Weisser was:
Anna Mucha
Danka Dresner
Anna Mucha was:
Adi Nitzan
Mila Pfefferberg
Adi Nitzan was:
Piotr Polk
Leo Rosner
Piotr Polk was:
Rami Heuberger
Josef Bau
Rami Heuberger was:
Ezra Dagan
Rabbi Menasha Lewartow
Ezra Dagan was:
Elina Löwensohn
Diana Reiter
Elina Löwensohn was:
Hans-Jörg Assmann
Julius Madritsch
Hans-Jörg Assmann was:
Hans-Michael Rehberg
Rudolf Höß
Hans-Michael Rehberg was:
August Schmölzer
Dieter Reeder
August Schmölzer was:
Daniel Del-Ponte
Josef Mengele
Daniel Del-Ponte was:
Ludger Pistor
Josef Leipold
Ludger Pistor was:
Oliwia Dabrowska
Girl in Red
Oliwia Dabrowska was:
Shmuel Levy
Wilek Chilowicz
Shmuel Levy was:
Krzysztof Luft
Herman Toffel
Krzysztof Luft was:
Harry Nehring
Leo John
Harry Nehring was:
Michael Schneider
Juda Dresner
Michael Schneider was:
Miri Fabian
Chaja Dresner
Miri Fabian was:
Albert Misak
Mordecai Wulkan
Albert Misak was:
Aldona Grochal
Mrs. Nussbaum
Aldona Grochal was:
Jacek Wójcicki
Henry Rosner
Jacek Wójcicki was:
Beata Paluch
Manci Rosner
Beata Paluch was:
Uri Avrahami
Chaim Nowak
Uri Avrahami was:
Magdalena Komornicka
Goeth's Girl
Magdalena Komornicka was:
Michael Gordon
Mr. Nussbaum
Michael Gordon was:
Beata Deskur
Rebecca Tannenbaum
Beata Deskur was:
Leopold Kozlowski
Leopold Kozlowski was:
Magdalena Dandourian
Nuisa Horowitz
Magdalena Dandourian was:
Shabtai Konorti
Garage mechanic
Shabtai Konorti was:
Henryk Bista
Mr. Löwenstein
Henryk Bista was:
Tadeusz Bradecki
DEF foreman
Tadeusz Bradecki was:
Wojciech Klata
Wojciech Klata was:
Ewa Kolasińska
irrational woman
Ewa Kolasińska was:
Bettina Kupfer
Regina Perlman
Bettina Kupfer was:
Grzegorz Kwas
Mietek Pemper
Grzegorz Kwas was:
Vili Matula
Vili Matula was:
Stanislaw Koczanowicz
Stanislaw Koczanowicz was:
Geno Lechner
Geno Lechner was:
Beata Rybotycka
Club singer
Beata Rybotycka was:
Branko Lustig
Nightclub maître d’
Branko Lustig was:
Artus-Maria Matthiessen
Treblinka Commandant
Artus-Maria Matthiessen was:
Eugeniusz Priwieziencew
Eugeniusz Priwieziencew was:
Michael Z. Hoffmann
Montelupich Colonel
Michael Z. Hoffmann was:
Erwin Leder
Waffen-SS officer
Erwin Leder was:
Jochen Nickel
Wilhelm Kunde
Jochen Nickel was:
Andrzej Welminski
Dr. Blancke
Andrzej Welminski was:
Marian Glinka
DEF SS Officer
Marian Glinka was:
Grzegorz Damięcki
SS Sgt. Kunder
Grzegorz Damięcki was:
Stanisław Brejdygant
DEF guard
Stanisław Brejdygant was:
Olaf Lubaszenko
Auschwitz guard
Olaf Lubaszenko was:
Haymon Maria Buttinger
Auschwitz guard
Haymon Maria Buttinger was:
Peter Appiano
Auschwitz guard
Peter Appiano was:
Jacek Pulanecki
Brinnlitz guard
Jacek Pulanecki was:
Tomasz Dedek
Gestapo officer
Tomasz Dedek was:
Slawomir Holland
Gestapo officer
Slawomir Holland was:
Martin Semmelrogge
Waffen-SS man
Martin Semmelrogge was:
Tadeusz Huk
Gestapo officer
Tadeusz Huk was:
Alexander Held
SS bureaucrat
Alexander Held was:
Piotr Cyrwus
Ukranian guard
Piotr Cyrwus was:
Joachim Paul Assböck
Gestapo clerk Klaus Tauber
Joachim Paul Assböck was:
Osman Ragheb
Border guard
Osman Ragheb was:
Maciej Orłoś
German clerk
Maciej Orłoś was:
Marek Wrona
Toffel’s secretary
Marek Wrona was:
Zbigniew Kozłowski
Scherner’s secretary
Zbigniew Kozłowski was:
Marcin Grzymowicz
Czurda’s secretary
Marcin Grzymowicz was:
Dieter Witting
Dieter Witting was:
Agnieszka Krukówna
Czurda’s girl
Agnieszka Krukówna was:
Anemona Knut
Polish girl
Anemona Knut was:
Agnieszka Wagner
Brinnlitz girl
Agnieszka Wagner was:
Jan Jurewicz
Russian officer
Jan Jurewicz was:
Wiesław Komasa
Plaszow depot SS guard
Wiesław Komasa was:
Maciej Kozłowski
SS guard Zablocie
Maciej Kozłowski was:
Martin Bergmann
Martin Bergmann was:
Wilhelm Manske
Wilhelm Manske was:
Peter Flechtner
Peter Flechtner was:
Sigurd Bemme
Sigurd Bemme was:
Etl Szyc
Ghetto woman
Etl Szyc was:
Lucyna Zabawa
Ghetto woman
Lucyna Zabawa was:
Ruth Farhi
Old Jewisch woman
Ruth Farhi was:
Jerzy Sagan
Old Ghetto man
Jerzy Sagan was:
Dariusz Szymaniak
Depot prisoner
Dariusz Szymaniak was:
Dirk Bender
Clerk at depot
Dirk Bender was:
Maciej Winkler
Black marketeer
Maciej Winkler was:
Radosław Krzyżowski
Black marketeer
Radosław Krzyżowski was:
Jacek Lenczowski
Black marketeer
Jacek Lenczowski was:
Hanna Kossowska
Ghetto doctor
Hanna Kossowska was:
Maja Ostaszewska
frantic woman
Maja Ostaszewska was:
Sebastian Skalski
Stable boy
Sebastian Skalski was:
Ryszard Radwański
Ryszard Radwański was:
Piotr Kadlcik
Man in pharmacy
Piotr Kadlcik was:
Lech Niebielski
NCO Plaszow
Lech Niebielski was:
Thomas Morris
Thomas Morris was:
Sebastian Konrad
Sebastian Konrad was:
Lidia Wyrobiec-Bank
Clara Sternberg
Lidia Wyrobiec-Bank was:
Ravit Ferera
Maria Mischel
Ravit Ferera was:
Agnieszka Korzeniowska
Ghetto girl
Agnieszka Korzeniowska was:
Dominika Bednarczyk
Ghetto girl
Dominika Bednarczyk was:
Alicja Kubaszewska
Ghetto girl
Alicja Kubaszewska was:
Danny Marcu
Ghetto man
Danny Marcu was:
Hans Rosner
Ghetto man
Hans Rosner was:
Edward Linde-Lubaszenko
ksiądz w Brinnlitz
Edward Linde-Lubaszenko was:
Alexander Strobele
Montelupich prisoner
Alexander Strobele was:
Georges Kern
Depot master
Georges Kern was:
Alexander Buczolich
Plaszow SS guard
Alexander Buczolich was:
Michael Schiller
Plaszow SS guard
Michael Schiller was:
Götz Otto
Plaszow guard
Götz Otto was:
Wolfgang Seidenberg
Plaszow SS guard
Wolfgang Seidenberg was:
Hubert Kramar
Plaszow SS guard
Hubert Kramar was:
Razia Israeli
Plaszow Jewish girl
Razia Israeli was:
Dorit Seadia
Plaszow Jewish girl
Dorit Seadia was:
Esti Yerushalmi
Plaszow Jewish girl
Esti Yerushalmi was:
Marta Bizoń
Marta Bizoń was:
Michelle Csitos
Michelle Csitos was:
Blythe Daniel
young woman
Blythe Daniel was:
Janek Dresner
Himself—Schindler mourner
Janek Dresner was:
Maciej Kowalewski
Maciej Kowalewski was:
Kamil Krawiec
little Jewish boy
Kamil Krawiec was:
Zuzanna Lipiec
Zuzanna Lipiec was:
Maria Peszek
young worker
Maria Peszek was:
Leopold Pfefferberg
Himself—Schindler mourner
Leopold Pfefferberg was:
Leopold Rosner
Himself—Schindler mourner
Leopold Rosner was:
Emilie Schindler
Herself—Schindler mourner
Emilie Schindler was:
Katarzyna Śmiechowicz
German girl
Katarzyna Śmiechowicz was:
Ben Talar
Jewish boy
Ben Talar was:
Katarzyna Tlalka
Worker in factory
Katarzyna Tlalka was:
Paweł Deląg
Dolek Horowitz
Paweł Deląg was:
Jeremy Flynn
Brinnlitz Man
Jeremy Flynn was:
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