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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Man with the Golden Winchester

Man with the Golden Winchester

Release Date: 1973-12-30 (47 years ago)
Alberto Dell'Acqua
Alberto Dell'Acqua was:
William Berger
Mathias Boyd
William Berger was:
Fernando Sancho
Colonel Michel Leblanche
Fernando Sancho was:
Elisa Ramírez
Conchita Herrera
Elisa Ramírez was:
Franco Fantasia
Captain François Bardeau
Franco Fantasia was:
George Wang
Pedro Garcia
George Wang was:
Dada Gallotti
Mathilda Leblanche
Dada Gallotti was:
Marcello Monti
Marcello Monti was:
Andrea Fantasia
Don José Herrera
Andrea Fantasia was:
Mario Dardanelli
Mario Dardanelli was:
Pietro Riccione
Pietro Riccione was:
Marcello Simonella
Marcello Simonella was:
Giorgio Dolfin
Giorgio Dolfin was:
Lorenzo Piani
Lorenzo Piani was:
Charly Bravo
Charly Bravo was:
Marina Malfatti
Marina Malfatti was:
Osiride Pevarello
Osiride Pevarello was:
Renzo Pevarello
Renzo Pevarello was:
Franco Ukmar
Franco Ukmar was:
Marco Zuanelli
Sergeant Marat
Marco Zuanelli was:
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