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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of If You Could See What I Hear

If You Could See What I Hear

Release Date: 1982-01-07 (40 years ago)
Portrait of Marc SingerMarc Singer
Tom Sullivan
Marc Singer was:
Portrait of R. H. ThomsonR. H. Thomson
Will Sly
R. H. Thomson was:
Portrait of Sarah TorgovSarah Torgov
Patti Steffen
Sarah Torgov was:
Portrait of Shari BelafonteShari Belafonte
Heather Johnson
Shari Belafonte was:
Portrait of Douglas CampbellDouglas Campbell
Porky Sullivan
Douglas Campbell was:
Portrait of Helen BurnsHelen Burns
Mrs. Buxton
Helen Burns was:
Portrait of Harvey AtkinHarvey Atkin
Harvey Atkin was:
Portrait of Barbara GordonBarbara Gordon
Barbara Gordon was:
Portrait of Sharon LewisSharon Lewis
Sharon Lewis was:
Portrait of Tony Van BridgeTony Van Bridge
Dr. Wells
Tony Van Bridge was:
Portrait of Jack CreleyJack Creley
Dr. Dean Franklin
Jack Creley was:
Portrait of David GardnerDavid Gardner
Mr. Steffen
David Gardner was:
Portrait of Gary ReinekeGary Reineke
Phil Lucas
Gary Reineke was:
Portrait of Bob WarnerBob Warner
Bob Warner was:
Portrait of Jefferson MappinJefferson Mappin
Jefferson Mappin was:
Portrait of Nonnie GriffinNonnie Griffin
Mrs. Steffen
Nonnie Griffin was:
Portrait of Adrienne PocockAdrienne Pocock
Blythe Steffen
Adrienne Pocock was:
Portrait of Robert DesrochesRobert Desroches
Robert Desroches was:
Portrait of Angus MacInnesAngus MacInnes
Angus MacInnes was:
Portrait of Angus MacInnesAngus MacInnes
Boar & Bristle Waiter
Angus MacInnes was:
Portrait of Charles KerrCharles Kerr
Campus Cop
Charles Kerr was:
Portrait of Greg SwansonGreg Swanson
Greg Swanson was:
Portrait of Alf HumphreysAlf Humphreys
Alf Humphreys was:
Portrait of Hugh WebsterHugh Webster
Hugh Webster was:
Portrait of Jim ChadJim Chad
Catholic priest
Jim Chad was:
Portrait of Michael TateMichael Tate
Dr. Jamieson
Michael Tate was:
Portrait of Lynda Mason GreenLynda Mason Green
Lynda Mason Green was:
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