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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Go Tell the Spartans

Go Tell the Spartans

Release Date: 1978-07-12 (43 years ago)
Portrait of Burt LancasterBurt Lancaster
Maj. Asa Barker
Burt Lancaster was:
Portrait of Craig WassonCraig Wasson
Cpl. Courcey
Craig Wasson was:
Portrait of Marc SingerMarc Singer
Capt. Alfred Olivetti
Marc Singer was:
Portrait of Joe UngerJoe Unger
Lt. Raymond Hamilton
Joe Unger was:
Portrait of David ClennonDavid Clennon
Lt. Finley Wattsberg
David Clennon was:
Portrait of Evan C. KimEvan C. Kim
Evan C. Kim was:
Portrait of John MegnaJohn Megna
Cpl. Ackley
John Megna was:
Portrait of Hilly HicksHilly Hicks
Signalman Toffer
Hilly Hicks was:
Portrait of Dolph SweetDolph Sweet
Gen. Harnitz
Dolph Sweet was:
Portrait of Clyde KusatsuClyde Kusatsu
Col. Minh
Clyde Kusatsu was:
Portrait of James HongJames Hong
The Old Man
James Hong was:
Portrait of Dennis HowardDennis Howard
Cpl. Abraham Lincoln
Dennis Howard was:
Portrait of Denice KumagaiDenice Kumagai
Denice Kumagai was:
Portrait of Tad HorinoTad Horino
One-eyed man
Tad Horino was:
Portrait of Jonathan GoldsmithJonathan Goldsmith
Sgt. Oleonowski
Jonathan Goldsmith was:
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