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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of For Ladies Only

For Ladies Only

Release Date: 1981-11-09 (40 years ago)
Portrait of Gregory HarrisonGregory Harrison
John Phillips
Gregory Harrison was:
Portrait of Marc SingerMarc Singer
Stan Novak
Marc Singer was:
Portrait of Patti DavisPatti Davis
Sandy Green
Patti Davis was:
Portrait of Viveca LindforsViveca Lindfors
Rachel Loring
Viveca Lindfors was:
Portrait of Steven KeatsSteven Keats
Mark Brashler
Steven Keats was:
Portrait of Dinah ManoffDinah Manoff
Mary Louise
Dinah Manoff was:
Portrait of Louise LasserLouise Lasser
Beth Doyle
Louise Lasser was:
Portrait of Lee GrantLee Grant
Anne Holt
Lee Grant was:
Portrait of Richard Charles BarshRichard Charles Barsh
The M.C.
Richard Charles Barsh was:
Portrait of Tom QuinnTom Quinn
Dave Lamros
Tom Quinn was:
Portrait of Vivian MatalonVivian Matalon
The Public Theater Director
Vivian Matalon was:
Portrait of Charles KimbroughCharles Kimbrough
Bob Merlis
Charles Kimbrough was:
Portrait of Robert WeilRobert Weil
Larry Shanks
Robert Weil was:
Portrait of Frank HamiltonFrank Hamilton
Frank Hamilton was:
Portrait of Craig AndersonCraig Anderson
Open Call Director
Craig Anderson was:
Portrait of Max WrightMax Wright
Shakespeare Director
Max Wright was:
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