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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Total Recall

Total Recall

Release Date: 1990-06-01 (31 years ago)
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Douglas Quaid / Hauser
Arnold Schwarzenegger was:
Rachel Ticotin
Rachel Ticotin was:
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone was:
Ronny Cox
Vilos Cohaagen
Ronny Cox was:
Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside was:
Marshall Bell
George / Kuato
Marshall Bell was:
Mel Johnson Jr.
Mel Johnson Jr. was:
Michael Champion
Michael Champion was:
Roy Brocksmith
Dr. Edgemar
Roy Brocksmith was:
Ray Baker
Bob McClane
Ray Baker was:
Rosemary Dunsmore
Dr. Lull
Rosemary Dunsmore was:
David Knell
David Knell was:
Alexia Robinson
Alexia Robinson was:
Dean Norris
Dean Norris was:
Mark Carlton
Mark Carlton was:
Debbie Lee Carrington
Debbie Lee Carrington was:
Lycia Naff
Lycia Naff was:
Robert Costanzo
Robert Costanzo was:
Michael LaGuardia
Michael LaGuardia was:
Priscilla Allen
Fat Lady
Priscilla Allen was:
Ken Strausbaugh
Immigration Officer
Ken Strausbaugh was:
Marc Alaimo
Marc Alaimo was:
Michael Gregory
Rebel Lieutenant
Michael Gregory was:
Ken Gildin
Hotel Clerk
Ken Gildin was:
Mickey Jones
Burly Miner
Mickey Jones was:
Parker Whitman
Martian Husband
Parker Whitman was:
Ellen Gollas
Martian Wife
Ellen Gollas was:
Gloria Dorson
Woman in Phone Booth
Gloria Dorson was:
Erika Carlsson
Miss Lonelyhearts
Erika Carlsson was:
Benny Corral
Punk Cabbie
Benny Corral was:
Bob Tzudiker
Bob Tzudiker was:
Erik Cord
Lab Assistant
Erik Cord was:
Frank Kopyc
Frank Kopyc was:
Chuck Sloan
Chuck Sloan was:
Dave Nicolson
Dave Nicolson was:
Paula McClure
Paula McClure was:
Rebecca Ruth
Rebecca Ruth was:
Milt Tarver
Commercial Announcer
Milt Tarver was:
Roger Cudney
Roger Cudney was:
Monica Steuer
Mutant Mother
Monica Steuer was:
Sasha Rionda
Mutant Child
Sasha Rionda was:
Linda Howell
Tennis Pro
Linda Howell was:
Robert Picardo
Voice of Johnnycab (voice)
Robert Picardo was:
Kamala Lopez
Additional Voices (voice)
Kamala Lopez was:
Morgan Lofting
Additional Voices (voice)
Morgan Lofting was:
Patti Attar
Additional Voices (voice)
Patti Attar was:
Bob Bergen
Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Bergen was:
Joe Unger
Additional Voices (voice)
Joe Unger was:
Karlyn Michelson
Additional Voices (voice)
Karlyn Michelson was:
Joel Kramer
Harry's Henchman (uncredited)
Joel Kramer was:
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