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Police Story: The Freeway Killings

Police Story: The Freeway Killings

Release Date: 1987-05-03 (34 years ago)
Richard Crenna
Deputy Chief Bob Devers
Richard Crenna was:
Angie Dickinson
Officer Anne Cavanaugh
Angie Dickinson was:
Tony Lo Bianco
Detective DiAngelo
Tony Lo Bianco was:
Don Meredith
Detective Foley
Don Meredith was:
James B. Sikking
Mayor Cameron
James B. Sikking was:
Ben Gazzara
Capt. Tom Wright
Ben Gazzara was:
Gloria Loring
Kate Devers
Gloria Loring was:
Vincent Baggetta
Paul Harris
Vincent Baggetta was:
Scott Paulin
Lieutenant Banyon
Scott Paulin was:
Frances Lee McCain
Claire Wright
Frances Lee McCain was:
Julie Philips
Carrie Wright
Julie Philips was:
Michael C. Gwynne
Michael C. Gwynne was:
Joan McMurtrey
Joan Manning
Joan McMurtrey was:
Robert Knepper
Karl James
Robert Knepper was:
Marc Alaimo
Lou Morello
Marc Alaimo was:
Sam Vlahos
Sgt. Freddie Diaz
Sam Vlahos was:
Javier Grajeda
Javier Grajeda was:
Ken Hixon
Ken Hixon was:
Louise Shaffer
Laura Healey
Louise Shaffer was:
Freddye Chapman
Mary Morris
Freddye Chapman was:
Michael Griswold
Al Norder
Michael Griswold was:
Julie Ariola
Test Examiner
Julie Ariola was:
Joseph Whipp
Gene Benson
Joseph Whipp was:
Terri Lynn Wood
Earline Carson
Terri Lynn Wood was:
Hawthorne James
Reverend Johnson
Hawthorne James was:
Kamala Lopez
Lydia Chacon
Kamala Lopez was:
Murray Leaward
Murray Leaward was:
Susie Chan
Susie Chan was:
Steve Kahan
Steve Kahan was:
Tony Perez
Captain Rodriguez
Tony Perez was:
Wendy J. Cooke
Wendy J. Cooke was:
James Hess
Chairman of the Oral Board
James Hess was:
Charles F. FitzSimons
Charles F. FitzSimons was:
Lawrence Lott
Lawrence Lott was:
Betty A. Bridges
Betty A. Bridges was:
Janet Graham
Janet Graham was:
Jason Ronard
Jason Ronard was:
Mark Kemble
Flop-House Manager
Mark Kemble was:
Luis Contreras
Apartment Manager
Luis Contreras was:
John H. Fields
Oral Board Member
John H. Fields was:
Alexandra Melchi
Oral Board Member
Alexandra Melchi was:
Andy Mathes
Andy Mathes was:
T.C. Ryan
News Cameraman
T.C. Ryan was:
Larry Kirsch
Helicopter Pilot
Larry Kirsch was:
Jay Senensky
CHP Officer
Jay Senensky was:
Kelly Ames
Janice Carson
Kelly Ames was:
Charles Allen-Anderson
Charles Allen-Anderson was:
Jan Munroe
Jan Munroe was:
Brenda Ballard
Hostage's Wife
Brenda Ballard was:
Gary Ballard
Gary Ballard was:
John Bellah
Police Officer
John Bellah was:
Mang Duong
Mai Jung
Mang Duong was:
Peter Jolly
Hospital Attendant
Peter Jolly was:
David Pressman
Sacrificial Lamb
David Pressman was:
Bill Couch
Technical Officer
Bill Couch was:
Neal Kaz
Neal Kaz was:
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