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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Wax Mask

The Wax Mask

Release Date: Wednesday, July 3 1996 (26 years ago)
Portrait of Robert HosseinRobert Hossein
Boris Volkoff
Robert Hossein was:
Portrait of Romina MondelloRomina Mondello
Sonia Lafont
Romina Mondello was:
Portrait of Riccardo Serventi LonghiRiccardo Serventi Longhi
Andrea Conversi
Riccardo Serventi Longhi was:
Portrait of Gabriella GiorgelliGabriella Giorgelli
Gabriella Giorgelli was:
Portrait of Umberto BalliUmberto Balli
Umberto Balli was:
Portrait of Valery ValmondValery Valmond
Valery Valmond was:
Portrait of Gianni FrancoGianni Franco
Inspector Palazzi
Gianni Franco was:
Portrait of Massimo VanniMassimo Vanni
Massimo Vanni was:
Portrait of Aldo MassassoAldo Massasso
Inspector Lanvin
Aldo Massasso was:
Portrait of Goffredo UngerGoffredo Unger
Goffredo Unger was:
Portrait of Elena MarchesiniElena Marchesini
Madame's Girl
Elena Marchesini was:
Portrait of Romano IannelliRomano Iannelli
Romano Iannelli was:
Portrait of Daniel AuberDaniel Auber
Daniel Auber was:
Portrait of Sabrina PellegrinoSabrina Pellegrino
Sabrina Pellegrino was:
Portrait of Ginevra CasiniGinevra Casini
Madame's Girl
Ginevra Casini was:
Portrait of Maia AsirideMaia Asiride
Madame's Girl
Maia Asiride was:
Portrait of Angela D'AmbraAngela D'Ambra
Madame's Girl
Angela D'Ambra was:
Portrait of Federica LeuterFederica Leuter
Madame's Girl
Federica Leuter was:
Portrait of Antonella SanniteAntonella Sannite
Madame's Girl
Antonella Sannite was:
Portrait of Michela PaolucciMichela Paolucci
Madame's Girl
Michela Paolucci was:
Portrait of Elisabetta RocchettiElisabetta Rocchetti
Madame's Girl
Elisabetta Rocchetti was:
Portrait of Andreina SirenaAndreina Sirena
Madame's Girl
Andreina Sirena was:
Portrait of Katy Monique CuomoKaty Monique Cuomo
Madame's Girl
Katy Monique Cuomo was:
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