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Poster of Omen IV: The Awakening

Omen IV: The Awakening

Release Date: Friday, July 19 1991 (31 years ago)
Portrait of Faye GrantFaye Grant
Karen York
Faye Grant was:
Portrait of Michael WoodsMichael Woods
Gene York
Michael Woods was:
Portrait of Michael LernerMichael Lerner
Michael Lerner was:
Portrait of Madison MasonMadison Mason
Dr. Hastings
Madison Mason was:
Portrait of Ann HearnAnn Hearn
Jo Thueson
Ann Hearn was:
Portrait of Jim ByrnesJim Byrnes
Jim Byrnes was:
Portrait of Don S. DavisDon S. Davis
Jake Madison
Don S. Davis was:
Portrait of Asia VieiraAsia Vieira
Asia Vieira was:
Portrait of Megan LeitchMegan Leitch
Sister Yvonne / Felicity
Megan Leitch was:
Portrait of Joy CoghillJoy Coghill
Sister Francesca
Joy Coghill was:
Portrait of David CameronDavid Cameron
Father Hayes
David Cameron was:
Portrait of Susan ChappleSusan Chapple
Mother Superior
Susan Chapple was:
Portrait of Dana StillDana Still
Revival Preacher
Dana Still was:
Portrait of Andrea MannAndrea Mann
Miss Roselli
Andrea Mann was:
Portrait of Duncan FraserDuncan Fraser
Father Mattson
Duncan Fraser was:
Portrait of Camille MitchellCamille Mitchell
Madge Milligan
Camille Mitchell was:
Portrait of Brenda CrichlowBrenda Crichlow
Hildy Riggs
Brenda Crichlow was:
Portrait of William S. TaylorWilliam S. Taylor
Forrest Riggs
William S. Taylor was:
Portrait of Serge HoudeSerge Houde
Morris Creighton
Serge Houde was:
Portrait of Wendy Van RiesenWendy Van Riesen
Lily Creighton
Wendy Van Riesen was:
Portrait of James SherryJames Sherry
James Sherry was:
Portrait of Mikal DughiMikal Dughi
Miss Norris
Mikal Dughi was:
Portrait of Norman ArmourNorman Armour
Blind Medium
Norman Armour was:
Portrait of Tish HeavenTish Heaven
Customer at Fair
Tish Heaven was:
Portrait of Claire VardielClaire Vardiel
Psychic I
Claire Vardiel was:
Portrait of Hamish BoydHamish Boyd
Psychic II
Hamish Boyd was:
Portrait of Lesley EwenLesley Ewen
Young Christian Woman
Lesley Ewen was:
Portrait of Sheila PatersonSheila Paterson
Older Christian Woman
Sheila Paterson was:
Portrait of Martin CumminsMartin Cummins
Martin Cummins was:
Portrait of Suzie PayneSuzie Payne
Motel Clerk
Suzie Payne was:
Portrait of Ruth McIntoshRuth McIntosh
Young Novice
Ruth McIntosh was:
Portrait of Brent StaitBrent Stait
Brent Stait was:
Portrait of Tom HeatonTom Heaton
North Carolina M. D.
Tom Heaton was:
Portrait of Karen YipKaren Yip
Oriental Hooker
Karen Yip was:
Portrait of Brianne HarrettBrianne Harrett
Delia - 3 yrs
Brianne Harrett was:
Portrait of Rebecca CynaderRebecca Cynader
Delia - 2 yrs
Rebecca Cynader was:
Portrait of Shelby AdamsShelby Adams
Delia - 1,5 yrs
Shelby Adams was:
Portrait of Scott SwansonScott Swanson
Graham Resnick
Scott Swanson was:
Portrait of Gerry BeanGerry Bean
Bartender - New England
Gerry Bean was:
Portrait of William B. DavisWilliam B. Davis
Lawyer (uncredited)
William B. Davis was:
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