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Poster of On the Left Bank of the Blue Danube

On the Left Bank of the Blue Danube

Release Date: Friday, July 1 1983 (39 years ago)
Portrait of Gina PatrichiGina Patrichi
Boieroaica vaduva Alexandra Bengescu "Zaza", fosta artista
Gina Patrichi was:
Portrait of Gheorghe DinicăGheorghe Dinică
majordomul Matei
Gheorghe Dinică was:
Portrait of George ConstantinGeorge Constantin
Boierul Costi, cumnatul Zazei
George Constantin was:
Portrait of Stela PopescuStela Popescu
fosta artista Zaraza
Stela Popescu was:
Portrait of Valeriu ParaschivValeriu Paraschiv
Valeriu Paraschiv was:
Portrait of Mimi EnăceanuMimi Enăceanu
Boieroaica Davidescu
Mimi Enăceanu was:
Portrait of Fory EtterleFory Etterle
Domnul Guy
Fory Etterle was:
Portrait of Mărioara SterianMărioara Sterian
Mărioara Sterian was:
Portrait of Mirela GoreaMirela Gorea
Mirela Gorea was:
Portrait of Maria RotaruMaria Rotaru
Doamna Costi
Maria Rotaru was:
Portrait of Emilia DobrinEmilia Dobrin
Emilia Dobrin was:
Portrait of Ion NiciuIon Niciu
Ion Niciu was:
Portrait of Andrei FintiAndrei Finti
Andrei Finti was:
Portrait of Ileana Stana IonescuIleana Stana Ionescu
Ileana Stana Ionescu was:
Portrait of Virgil OgășanuVirgil Ogășanu
Virgil Ogășanu was:
Portrait of Geo SaizescuGeo Saizescu
Teodor 'Bobby' Davidescu
Geo Saizescu was:
Portrait of Constantin FugașinConstantin Fugașin
Constantin Fugașin was:
Portrait of Zephi AlșecZephi Alșec
Zephi Alșec was:
Portrait of Marius PepinoMarius Pepino
Marius Pepino was:
Portrait of Cornel TodeaCornel Todea
Cornel Todea was:
Portrait of Iulian VișanIulian Vișan
Iulian Vișan was:
Portrait of Dumitru DimitriuDumitru Dimitriu
Dumitru Dimitriu was:
Portrait of Adrian ȘtefănescuAdrian Ștefănescu
Adrian Ștefănescu was:
Portrait of Viorel PlavitiuViorel Plavitiu
Viorel Plavitiu was:
Portrait of Romulus BărbulescuRomulus Bărbulescu
Romulus Bărbulescu was:
Portrait of Vasile PopaVasile Popa
Vasile Popa was:
Portrait of Constantin PăunConstantin Păun
Constantin Păun was:
Portrait of Sever PloconSever Plocon
Sever Plocon was:
Portrait of Dumitru GhiuzeleaDumitru Ghiuzelea
Dumitru Ghiuzelea was:
Portrait of Dumitru CrăciunDumitru Crăciun
Dumitru Crăciun was:
Portrait of Doru DumitrescuDoru Dumitrescu
Doru Dumitrescu was:
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