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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet

Release Date: Wednesday, January 12 2011 (11 years ago)
Portrait of Seth RogenSeth Rogen
Britt Reid / Green Hornet
Seth Rogen was:
Portrait of Jay ChouJay Chou
Jay Chou was:
Portrait of Cameron DiazCameron Diaz
Lenore Case
Cameron Diaz was:
Portrait of Tom WilkinsonTom Wilkinson
James Reid
Tom Wilkinson was:
Portrait of Christoph WaltzChristoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz was:
Portrait of Edward James OlmosEdward James Olmos
Michael Axford
Edward James Olmos was:
Portrait of David HarbourDavid Harbour
Frank Scanlon
David Harbour was:
Portrait of Chad L. ColemanChad L. Coleman
Chad L. Coleman was:
Portrait of Jamie HarrisJamie Harris
Jamie Harris was:
Portrait of Edward FurlongEdward Furlong
Edward Furlong was:
Portrait of Jill RemezJill Remez
Daily Sentinel Reporter
Jill Remez was:
Portrait of Joe O'ConnorJoe O'Connor
Daily Sentinel Reporter
Joe O'Connor was:
Portrait of Morgan RuslerMorgan Rusler
Daily Sentinel Reporter
Morgan Rusler was:
Portrait of Joshua ErenbergJoshua Erenberg
Young Britt
Joshua Erenberg was:
Portrait of Lio TiptonLio Tipton
Anna Lee
Lio Tipton was:
Portrait of Taylor ColeTaylor Cole
Limo Girl
Taylor Cole was:
Portrait of Robert ClotworthyRobert Clotworthy
Robert Clotworthy was:
Portrait of Jamison YangJamison Yang
City Hall Reporter
Jamison Yang was:
Portrait of Michael HoldenMichael Holden
Funeral Businessman
Michael Holden was:
Portrait of Irene WhiteIrene White
Irene White was:
Portrait of Gary DavisGary Davis
Police Officer
Gary Davis was:
Portrait of Billy MayoBilly Mayo
Police Officer
Billy Mayo was:
Portrait of Brandon RudatBrandon Rudat
TV Anchor
Brandon Rudat was:
Portrait of Beverly BrooksBeverly Brooks
TV Anchor
Beverly Brooks was:
Portrait of Lu ParkerLu Parker
TV Anchor
Lu Parker was:
Portrait of George FisherGeorge Fisher
George Fisher was:
Portrait of Diane MizotaDiane Mizota
TV Reporter (Reid Estate)
Diane Mizota was:
Portrait of Theodore BressmanTheodore Bressman
Daniel Vertlieb / Dead Reporter
Theodore Bressman was:
Portrait of Dave RickleyDave Rickley
Archive Reporter
Dave Rickley was:
Portrait of Dina MamedoyaDina Mamedoya
Russian Aftermath Reporter
Dina Mamedoya was:
Portrait of Tanner GillTanner Gill
SWAT Leader
Tanner Gill was:
Portrait of George FisherGeorge Fisher
George Fisher was:
Portrait of Daniel ArriasDaniel Arrias
Drug Dealer
Daniel Arrias was:
Portrait of Eddie PerezEddie Perez
Drug Dealer
Eddie Perez was:
Portrait of Bryan ThompsonBryan Thompson
Bryan Thompson was:
Portrait of Reuben LangdonReuben Langdon
Reuben Langdon was:
Portrait of Amir AbdallaAmir Abdalla
Armenian Gang Boss
Amir Abdalla was:
Portrait of Alexandra LordAlexandra Lord
Pool Girl
Alexandra Lord was:
Portrait of Christy PetersenChristy Petersen
Pool Girl
Christy Petersen was:
Portrait of Frederick C. RuizFrederick C. Ruiz
Club Bouncer
Frederick C. Ruiz was:
Portrait of Keith AdamsKeith Adams
Chudnofsky's Gang
Keith Adams was:
Portrait of Dennis KeifferDennis Keiffer
Chudnofsky's Gang
Dennis Keiffer was:
Portrait of Travon MageeTravon Magee
Chudnofsky's Gang
Travon Magee was:
Portrait of David PowledgeDavid Powledge
Chudnofsky's Gang
David Powledge was:
Portrait of Jerry TrimbleJerry Trimble
Chudnofsky's Gang
Jerry Trimble was:
Portrait of Melissa BarkerMelissa Barker
Restaurant Customer (uncredited)
Melissa Barker was:
Portrait of James FrancoJames Franco
Danny Crystal Cleer (uncredited)
James Franco was:
Portrait of Thomas Rosales Jr.Thomas Rosales Jr.
Gang Leader (uncredited)
Thomas Rosales Jr. was:
Portrait of Matt McColmMatt McColm
Chudnofsky's Gang (uncredited)
Matt McColm was:
Portrait of John KoyamaJohn Koyama
Chudnofsky's Gang (uncredited)
John Koyama was:
Portrait of Joey CourteauJoey Courteau
Rock Fan (uncredited)
Joey Courteau was:
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