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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Storm at Daybreak

Storm at Daybreak

Release Date: 1933-06-14 (88 years ago)
Kay Francis
Irina Radovic
Kay Francis was:
Nils Asther
Capt. Geza Petery
Nils Asther was:
Walter Huston
Mayor Dushan Radovic
Walter Huston was:
Phillips Holmes
Phillips Holmes was:
Eugene Pallette
Eugene Pallette was:
C. Henry Gordon
Panto Nikitch
C. Henry Gordon was:
Louise Closser Hale
Militza Brooska
Louise Closser Hale was:
Jean Parker
Jean Parker was:
Oscar Apfel
Counselor Velasch
Oscar Apfel was:
Mischa Auer
Mischa Auer was:
James Bell
James Bell was:
Hal Boyer
Mitry, a Deserter
Hal Boyer was:
Frank Burke
Frank Burke was:
Frank Conroy
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Frank Conroy was:
Richard Cramer
Stepan, Dushan's Servant
Richard Cramer was:
Margaret Dumont
Duchess Sophie
Margaret Dumont was:
Allen Fox
Greg, a Deserter
Allen Fox was:
Etienne Girardot
Hungarian Officer
Etienne Girardot was:
Charles Halton
Charles Halton was:
Leonid Kinskey
Serbian Villager
Leonid Kinskey was:
Ferdinand Munier
White-Bearded Party Guest
Ferdinand Munier was:
Russ Powell
Man Introducing Durosch
Russ Powell was:
Lucien Prival
Hungarian Soldier
Lucien Prival was:
Harry Semels
Serbian Villager
Harry Semels was:
Akim Tamiroff
Gypsy Fiddler
Akim Tamiroff was:
Wilhelm von Brincken
Hungarian Officer
Wilhelm von Brincken was:
Milton Wallace
Col. Patou
Milton Wallace was:
Clarence Wilson
Capt. Durosch
Clarence Wilson was:
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