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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of You Never Can Tell

You Never Can Tell

Release Date: Sunday, September 23 1951 (71 years ago)
Portrait of Dick PowellDick Powell
Rex Shepherd
Dick Powell was:
Portrait of Peggy DowPeggy Dow
Ellen Hathaway
Peggy Dow was:
Portrait of Joyce HoldenJoyce Holden
Goldie Harvey
Joyce Holden was:
Portrait of Charles DrakeCharles Drake
Perry Collins
Charles Drake was:
Portrait of Albert SharpeAlbert Sharpe
Grandpa Hathaway
Albert Sharpe was:
Portrait of Lou PolanLou Polan
Sergeant Novak
Lou Polan was:
Portrait of Frank NelsonFrank Nelson
Lieutenant Gilpin
Frank Nelson was:
Portrait of William VedderWilliam Vedder
William Vedder was:
Portrait of Frank GerstleFrank Gerstle
Frank Gerstle was:
Portrait of Anthony GeorgeAnthony George
Louie Luisetti
Anthony George was:
Portrait of Tom DuganTom Dugan
Bus Driver (uncredited)
Tom Dugan was:
Portrait of Henry KulkyHenry Kulky
Gorilla / Prisoner (uncredited)
Henry Kulky was:
Portrait of Olan SouleOlan Soule
Dog House Salesman (uncredited)
Olan Soule was:
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