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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us

Release Date: 2017-01-26 (4 years ago)
Asa Butterfield
Gardner Elliot
Asa Butterfield was:
Britt Robertson
Britt Robertson was:
Carla Gugino
Carla Gugino was:
Gary Oldman
Nathaniel Shepherd
Gary Oldman was:
Janet Montgomery
Sarah Elliot
Janet Montgomery was:
David House
David House was:
Sarah Minnich
Sarah Minnich was:
John-Paul Howard
John-Paul Howard was:
BD Wong
Genesis Director Chen
BD Wong was:
Mia Stallard
Screaming Girl
Mia Stallard was:
Trey Tucker
Harrison Lane
Trey Tucker was:
Lora Martinez-Cunningham
NASA Guide
Lora Martinez-Cunningham was:
Lauren Myers
Alice Meyers
Lauren Myers was:
Bernardo P. Saracino
Dream Chaser Pilot
Bernardo P. Saracino was:
Kristen Rakes
Kristen Rakes was:
Luce Rains
Luce Rains was:
Jenny Gabrielle
Jenny Gabrielle was:
Scott Takeda
Dr. Gary Loh
Scott Takeda was:
Beth Bailey
NASA Doctor
Beth Bailey was:
Colin Egglesfield
Sarah's Brother
Colin Egglesfield was:
William Sterchi
Debate Moderator
William Sterchi was:
Peter Chelsom
Centaur (voice)
Peter Chelsom was:
Morse Bicknell
NASA Executive
Morse Bicknell was:
Stafford Douglas
Entitled Teen
Stafford Douglas was:
Adande 'Swoozie' Thorne
Scott Hubbard
Adande 'Swoozie' Thorne was:
Jacob Browne
Police Officer
Jacob Browne was:
Esodie Geiger
Ms. Tupelo
Esodie Geiger was:
David Devereaux
David Devereaux was:
Aurora Antonio
Young NASA Secretary
Aurora Antonio was:
Eli Goodman
ER Doc
Eli Goodman was:
Ryan Jason Cook
Control Room Technician
Ryan Jason Cook was:
Frank Powers
E. Marks / Security
Frank Powers was:
Drago Sumonja
Social Services Man
Drago Sumonja was:
Nate Warren
ER Clerk
Nate Warren was:
Lauren Myers
Alice Myers
Lauren Myers was:
Zacciah Hanson
Little Bewley Brother
Zacciah Hanson was:
Jesse Romero
Big Bewley Brother
Jesse Romero was:
Tim Janis
Chuck Woodruff
Tim Janis was:
Travis Armstrong
Colorado State Trooper
Travis Armstrong was:
Jenny Gabrielle
Havasupai Woman
Jenny Gabrielle was:
Gil Birmingham
Shaman Neka
Gil Birmingham was:
Ramona King
Reception Nurse
Ramona King was:
Eb Lottimer
Air Force Colonel
Eb Lottimer was:
Cesar Miramontes
Cesar Miramontes was:
Bruce McIntosh
NASA Scientist
Bruce McIntosh was:
Anthony Jarvis
College Student
Anthony Jarvis was:
Shad Adair
Astronaut / Shuttle Crew (uncredited)
Shad Adair was:
Nathaniel Augustson
Alfonso (uncredited)
Nathaniel Augustson was:
Danny Winn
Dr. Cox (uncredited)
Danny Winn was:
Edsel Pete
Doctor (uncredited)
Edsel Pete was:
Marika Day
Nurse (uncredited)
Marika Day was:
Jamie H. Jung
East Texas Tech (uncredited)
Jamie H. Jung was:
Heather Bash
Banquet Attendee (uncredited)
Heather Bash was:
Shawn Lecrone
NASA Security (uncredited)
Shawn Lecrone was:
Johnny Palomarez Jr.
Genesis Shareholder (uncredited)
Johnny Palomarez Jr. was:
Lluvia Almanza
Genesis Shareholder (uncredited)
Lluvia Almanza was:
Thomas Kemp
Genesis Shareholder (uncredited)
Thomas Kemp was:
Alma Sisneros
Mars Inhabitant (uncredited)
Alma Sisneros was:
Brian Barela
NASA Executive (uncredited)
Brian Barela was:
Jon Erik Castro
Genesis Shareholder (uncredited)
Jon Erik Castro was:
Lorraine Sanchez
Genesis Shareholder (uncredited)
Lorraine Sanchez was:
Logan Paul
Buff College Kid
Logan Paul was:
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