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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Only the Brave

Only the Brave

Release Date: 2017-09-22 (3 years ago)
Josh Brolin
Eric Marsh
Josh Brolin was:
Miles Teller
Brendan "Donut" McDonough
Miles Teller was:
Jeff Bridges
Duane Steinbrink
Jeff Bridges was:
Jennifer Connelly
Amanda Marsh
Jennifer Connelly was:
James Badge Dale
Jesse Steed
James Badge Dale was:
Taylor Kitsch
Christopher MacKenzie
Taylor Kitsch was:
Alex Russell
Andrew Ashcraft
Alex Russell was:
Andie MacDowell
Marvel Steinbrink
Andie MacDowell was:
Geoff Stults
Travis Turbyfill
Geoff Stults was:
Thad Luckinbill
Scott Norris
Thad Luckinbill was:
Ben Hardy
Wade Parker
Ben Hardy was:
Scott Haze
Clayton Whitted
Scott Haze was:
Jake Picking
Anthony Rose
Jake Picking was:
Scott Foxx
Travis Carter
Scott Foxx was:
Dylan Kenin
Robert Caldwell
Dylan Kenin was:
Ryan Michael Busch
Dustin DeFord
Ryan Michael Busch was:
Kenneth Miller
Sean Misner
Kenneth Miller was:
Ryan Jason Cook
William Warneke
Ryan Jason Cook was:
Brandon Bunch
Garret Zuppiger
Brandon Bunch was:
Michael L. McNulty
Kevin Woyjeck
Michael L. McNulty was:
Nicholas Jenks
John Percin Jr.
Nicholas Jenks was:
Sam Quinn
Grant McKee
Sam Quinn was:
Natalie Hall
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Hall was:
Howard Ferguson Jr.
Brian Ferguson
Howard Ferguson Jr. was:
Rachel Singer
Brendan's Mom
Rachel Singer was:
Ralph Alderman
Evaluator Hayes
Ralph Alderman was:
Jenny Gabrielle
Desiree Steed
Jenny Gabrielle was:
Brytnee Ratledge
Juliann Ashcraft
Brytnee Ratledge was:
Pell James
Claire Caldwell
Pell James was:
Lora Martinez-Cunningham
Dr. Ochoa
Lora Martinez-Cunningham was:
Jade Kammerman
Stephanie Turbyfill
Jade Kammerman was:
Raleigh Cain
Nurse Nora
Raleigh Cain was:
Matt Nolan
Medic in Helicopter
Matt Nolan was:
Lulu Jovovich
Kristi Whitted (uncredited)
Lulu Jovovich was:
Matthew Van Wettering
Joe Thurston
Matthew Van Wettering was:
Forrest Fyre
Mayor Worthington
Forrest Fyre was:
Josh Hopkins
California Hot Shot Supervisor
Josh Hopkins was:
Nicholas Liam King
Caden Steed
Nicholas Liam King was:
Orion Pontes
Cambria Steed
Orion Pontes was:
Barbie Robertson
Marsena Thurston
Barbie Robertson was:
Staci Robbins
Hot Shot Mom #1
Staci Robbins was:
Lauren Myers
Nurse #1
Lauren Myers was:
Michael Menchel
Old Bald Man
Michael Menchel was:
Kevin Wiggins
Yarnell Commander
Kevin Wiggins was:
John Trejo
Chiricahua IC
John Trejo was:
Travis Armstrong
Deputy Sturgill Banks
Travis Armstrong was:
Austin Dennis
Austin Dennis was:
Jermaine Washington
Bouncer #1
Jermaine Washington was:
Keith Jardine
Bouncer #2
Keith Jardine was:
Andres Segura
Male Nurse
Andres Segura was:
Casey Messer
Local Hottie #1
Casey Messer was:
Sarah Minnich
Local Hottie #2
Sarah Minnich was:
Duane Steinbrink
Rusty Pistols #1
Duane Steinbrink was:
Donn Pease
Rusty Pistols #2
Donn Pease was:
Jim Dunham
Rusty Pistols #3
Jim Dunham was:
Bob Wood
Rusty Pistols #4
Bob Wood was:
Jesus Cris Acosta
Wildland Firefighter (uncredited)
Jesus Cris Acosta was:
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