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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water

Release Date: 2016-08-12 (4 years ago)
Jeff Bridges
Marcus Hamilton
Jeff Bridges was:
Chris Pine
Toby Howard
Chris Pine was:
Ben Foster
Tanner Howard
Ben Foster was:
Gil Birmingham
Alberto Parker
Gil Birmingham was:
Marin Ireland
Debbie Howard
Marin Ireland was:
Kevin Rankin
Billy Rayburn
Kevin Rankin was:
Dale Dickey
Dale Dickey was:
William Sterchi
Mr. Clauson
William Sterchi was:
Kristen Berg
Olney Teller
Kristen Berg was:
Katy Mixon
Jenny Ann
Katy Mixon was:
Buck Taylor
Old Man
Buck Taylor was:
Keith Meriweather
Keith Meriweather was:
Amber Midthunder
Vernon Teller
Amber Midthunder was:
Jackamoe Buzzell
Archer City Deputy
Jackamoe Buzzell was:
Joe Berryman
Bank Manager
Joe Berryman was:
Taylor Sheridan
Taylor Sheridan was:
Howard Ferguson Jr.
Vernon PD Officer
Howard Ferguson Jr. was:
Debrianna Mansini
Vernon Diner Waitress
Debrianna Mansini was:
Paul Howard Smith
Old Timer
Paul Howard Smith was:
Nathaniel Augustson
Gas Station Thug #1
Nathaniel Augustson was:
Ariel Holmes
Gas Station Thug #2
Ariel Holmes was:
Marie A. Kohl
Casino Window Teller
Marie A. Kohl was:
Jim Burleson
Jim Burleson was:
Gregory Cruz
Gregory Cruz was:
Melanie Papalia
Melanie Papalia was:
Kim Gleason
Casino Window Teller #2
Kim Gleason was:
Alma Sisneros
Alma Sisneros was:
Margaret Bowman
Margaret Bowman was:
Ivan Brutsche
Ivan Brutsche was:
John-Paul Howard
Justin Howard
John-Paul Howard was:
Kevin Wiggins
Kevin Wiggins was:
Dylan Kenin
Road Block Trooper
Dylan Kenin was:
Nicole Brady
Nicole Brady was:
Dick Christie
Loan Officer
Dick Christie was:
Heidi Sulzman
Ranger Margaret
Heidi Sulzman was:
Christopher W. Garcia
Randy Howard
Christopher W. Garcia was:
Richard Beal
Casino Patron (uncredited)
Richard Beal was:
Crystal Gonzales
Woman at Casino (uncredited)
Crystal Gonzales was:
Ricky Lee
Casino Pit Boss (uncredited)
Ricky Lee was:
Lora Martinez-Cunningham
Neighbor (uncredited)
Lora Martinez-Cunningham was:
Martin Palmer
Colman Resident (uncredited)
Martin Palmer was:
Terry Dale Parks
Ranger (uncredited)
Terry Dale Parks was:
J. Nathan Simmons
Casino Patron (uncredited)
J. Nathan Simmons was:
Danny Winn
Trooper Bruno (uncredited)
Danny Winn was:
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