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Poster of Talk to Her

Talk to Her

Release Date: Friday, March 15 2002 (20 years ago)
Portrait of Leonor WatlingLeonor Watling
Leonor Watling was:
Portrait of Rosario FloresRosario Flores
Rosario Flores was:
Portrait of Javier CámaraJavier Cámara
Javier Cámara was:
Portrait of Darío GrandinettiDarío Grandinetti
Darío Grandinetti was:
Portrait of Mariola FuentesMariola Fuentes
Mariola Fuentes was:
Portrait of Geraldine ChaplinGeraldine Chaplin
Katerina Bilova
Geraldine Chaplin was:
Portrait of Pina BauschPina Bausch
Pina Bausch was:
Portrait of Malou AiraudoMalou Airaudo
Malou Airaudo was:
Portrait of Caetano VelosoCaetano Veloso
Singer at Party
Caetano Veloso was:
Portrait of Roberto ÁlvarezRoberto Álvarez
Doctor Vega
Roberto Álvarez was:
Portrait of Elena AnayaElena Anaya
Elena Anaya was:
Portrait of Lola DueñasLola Dueñas
Lola Dueñas was:
Portrait of Adolfo FernándezAdolfo Fernández
Niño de Valencia
Adolfo Fernández was:
Portrait of Ana FernándezAna Fernández
Lydia's Sister
Ana Fernández was:
Portrait of Chus LampreaveChus Lampreave
Chus Lampreave was:
Portrait of Helio PedregalHelio Pedregal
Alicia's Father
Helio Pedregal was:
Portrait of Paz VegaPaz Vega
Paz Vega was:
Portrait of Fele MartínezFele Martínez
Fele Martínez was:
Portrait of Carmen MachiCarmen Machi
Enfermera jefe
Carmen Machi was:
Portrait of Agustín AlmodóvarAgustín Almodóvar
Agustín Almodóvar was:
Portrait of Carlos García CamberoCarlos García Cambero
Cuñado de Lydia
Carlos García Cambero was:
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