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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Black Butterflies

Black Butterflies

Release Date: 2011-02-06 (9 years ago)
Carice van Houten
Ingrid Jonker
Carice van Houten was:
Rutger Hauer
Abraham Jonker
Rutger Hauer was:
Liam Cunningham
Jack Cope
Liam Cunningham was:
Nicholas Pauling
Eugene Maritz
Nicholas Pauling was:
Grant Swanby
Jan Rabie
Grant Swanby was:
Graham Clarke
Uys Krige
Graham Clarke was:
Damon Berry
Pieter Venter
Damon Berry was:
Jennifer Steyn
Lucille - Lulu
Jennifer Steyn was:
Candice D'Arcy
Anna Jonker
Candice D'Arcy was:
Leon Clingman
Valkenberg receptionist
Leon Clingman was:
Waldemar Schultz
Ettiene le Roux
Waldemar Schultz was:
Tarryn Page
Tarryn Page was:
Sabrina Oschmann
Young Ingrid
Sabrina Oschmann was:
Florence Masebe
Florence Masebe was:
Ceridwen Morris
Ceridwen Morris was:
Thamsanqua Mbongo
Thamsanqua Mbongo was:
Louis Pretorius
Mike Loots
Louis Pretorius was:
Marthinus Van den Berg
Maruis Schoon
Marthinus Van den Berg was:
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