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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Foul King

The Foul King

Release Date: Friday, February 4 2000 (22 years ago)
Portrait of Song Kang-hoSong Kang-ho
Lim Dae-ho
Song Kang-ho was:
Portrait of Jang Jin-youngJang Jin-young
Jang Min-young
Jang Jin-young was:
Portrait of Park Sang-myeonPark Sang-myeon
Tae Baek-san
Park Sang-myeon was:
Portrait of Jung Woong-inJung Woong-in
Choi Du-sik
Jung Woong-in was:
Portrait of Song Young-changSong Young-chang
Song Young-chang was:
Portrait of Jang Hang-seonJang Hang-seon
Jang Chil-sam
Jang Hang-seon was:
Portrait of Kim Soo-roKim Soo-ro
Yu Bee-ho
Kim Soo-ro was:
Portrait of Lee Won-jongLee Won-jong
Oh Dae-san
Lee Won-jong was:
Portrait of Dong Bang-wooDong Bang-woo
Dong Bang-woo was:
Portrait of Shin GooShin Goo
Dae-Ho's Father
Shin Goo was:
Portrait of Kim Seung-wookKim Seung-wook
Park Dae-ri
Kim Seung-wook was:
Portrait of Park Ji-IlPark Ji-Il
Mr. Lee
Park Ji-Il was:
Portrait of Kim Ga-yeonKim Ga-yeon
Cho Eun-hui
Kim Ga-yeon was:
Portrait of Jung Doo-hongJung Doo-hong
Main Referee
Jung Doo-hong was:
Portrait of Park Sung-woongPark Sung-woong
Store Staff
Park Sung-woong was:
Portrait of Shin Ha-kyunShin Ha-kyun
Bully 1
Shin Ha-kyun was:
Portrait of Go Ho-kyungGo Ho-kyung
Bully 2
Go Ho-kyung was:
Portrait of Lee Ki-youngLee Ki-young
Lee Ki-young was:
Portrait of No Ji-shimNo Ji-shim
Wrestler (uncredited)
No Ji-shim was:
Portrait of Lee In-SeopLee In-Seop
Lee In-Seop was:
Portrait of Lee Myung-hoLee Myung-ho
Lee Myung-ho was:
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