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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Song of Bernadette

The Song of Bernadette

Release Date: 1943-12-21 (78 years ago)
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones was:
William Eythe
Antoine Nicolau
William Eythe was:
Charles Bickford
Father Peyramale
Charles Bickford was:
Vincent Price
Prosecutor Vital Dutour
Vincent Price was:
Lee J. Cobb
Dr. Dozous
Lee J. Cobb was:
Gladys Cooper
Sister Marie Therese Vauzous
Gladys Cooper was:
Anne Revere
Louise Soubirous
Anne Revere was:
Roman Bohnen
Fran├žois Soubirous
Roman Bohnen was:
Mary Anderson
Jeanne Abadie
Mary Anderson was:
Patricia Morison
Empress Eugenie
Patricia Morison was:
Aubrey Mather
Mayor Lacade
Aubrey Mather was:
Charles Dingle
Charles Dingle was:
Edith Barrett
Croisine Bouhouhorts
Edith Barrett was:
Sig Ruman
Louis Bouriette
Sig Ruman was:
Blanche Yurka
Aunt Bernarde Casterot
Blanche Yurka was:
Ermadean Walters
Marie Soubirous
Ermadean Walters was:
Marcel Dalio
Marcel Dalio was:
Pedro de Cordoba
Dr. LeCramps
Pedro de Cordoba was:
Jerome Cowan
Emperor Louis Napoleon III
Jerome Cowan was:
Charles Waldron
Bishop of Tarbes (uncredited)
Charles Waldron was:
Linda Darnell
The Virgin Mary (uncredited)
Linda Darnell was:
Edward Fielding
Doctor with Empress' Baby (uncredited)
Edward Fielding was:
Fernanda Eliscu
Townswoman (uncredited)
Fernanda Eliscu was:
Edward Keane
Policeman (uncredited)
Edward Keane was:
Mae Marsh
Madame Blanche - Townswoman (uncredited)
Mae Marsh was:
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