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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Man Who Cheated Himself

The Man Who Cheated Himself

Release Date: 1950-12-26 (71 years ago)
Lee J. Cobb
Lieutenant Ed Cullen
Lee J. Cobb was:
Jane Wyatt
Lois Frazer
Jane Wyatt was:
John Dall
Andy Cullen
John Dall was:
Lisa Howard
Janet Cullen
Lisa Howard was:
Harlan Warde
Howard Frazer
Harlan Warde was:
Tito Vuolo
Pietro Capa
Tito Vuolo was:
Charles Arnt
Ernest Quimby
Charles Arnt was:
Marjorie Bennett
Muriel Quimby
Marjorie Bennett was:
Alan Wells
Nito Capa
Alan Wells was:
Mimi Aguglia
Mrs. Capa
Mimi Aguglia was:
Bud Wolfe
Officer Blair
Bud Wolfe was:
Morgan Farley
Morgan Farley was:
Howard Negley
Detective Olson
Howard Negley was:
William Gould
Doc Munson
William Gould was:
Art Millan
United Airlines Clerk
Art Millan was:
Gordon Richards
Gordon Richards was:
Terry Frost
Terry Frost was:
Mario Siletti
Mario Siletti was:
Charles Victor
Charles Victor was:
Leah Baird
Police Matron (Uncredited)
Leah Baird was:
Robert Carson
Highway Patrol Radio Dispatcher (Uncredited)
Robert Carson was:
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