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In Like Flint

In Like Flint

Release Date: 1967-03-15 (54 years ago)
James Coburn
Derek Flint
James Coburn was:
Lee J. Cobb
Lloyd C. Cramden
Lee J. Cobb was:
Jean Hale
Jean Hale was:
Andrew Duggan
U.S. President Trent
Andrew Duggan was:
Anna Lee
Anna Lee was:
Hanna Landy
Hanna Landy was:
Totty Ames
Totty Ames was:
Steve Ihnat
General Carter
Steve Ihnat was:
Thomas Hasson
Lieutenant Avery
Thomas Hasson was:
Mary Michael
Mary Michael was:
Diane Bond
Diane Bond was:
Jacki Ray
Jacki Ray was:
Herb Edelman
Russian Premier
Herb Edelman was:
Yvonne Craig
Natasha, the Ballerina
Yvonne Craig was:
Robert 'Buzz' Henry
Robert 'Buzz' Henry was:
Henry Wills
Henry Wills was:
John Lodge
Russian Agent
John Lodge was:
Mary Meade French
Mary Meade French was:
Erin O'Brien
Amazon #1
Erin O'Brien was:
Jennifer Gan
Amazon #2
Jennifer Gan was:
Eve Bruce
Amazon #3
Eve Bruce was:
Inge Jaklyn
Amazon #4
Inge Jaklyn was:
Kay Farrington
Amazon #5
Kay Farrington was:
Thordis Brandt
Amazon #6
Thordis Brandt was:
Inga Neilsen
Amazon #7
Inga Neilsen was:
Marilyn Hanold
Amazon #8
Marilyn Hanold was:
Pat Becker
Lady Client #1 at Fabulous Face
Pat Becker was:
Lyzanne La Due
Lady Client #2 at Fabulous Face
Lyzanne La Due was:
Nancy Stone
Lady Client #3 at Fabulous Face
Nancy Stone was:
W.P. Lear Sr.
Bill Lear
W.P. Lear Sr. was:
Rand Brooks
Missle Control Officer
Rand Brooks was:
Richard Bull
Richard Bull was:
Jeff Burton
Secret Service Agent
Jeff Burton was:
John Daheim
Zowie Guard in Fabulous Face Gym
John Daheim was:
Dick Dial
Dick Dial was:
Peter Hale
Peter Hale was:
Ivan Markota
Secret Service Man
Ivan Markota was:
Nelson Olmsted
Nelson Olmsted was:
Marianne Osborne
Soviet Agent
Marianne Osborne was:
Lyn Peters
Lyn Peters was:
Pat Renella
Restaurant Proprietor
Pat Renella was:
James B. Sikking
Secret Service Man
James B. Sikking was:
Ray Weaver
Ray Weaver was:
Lou Whitehill
Secret Service Man
Lou Whitehill was:
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