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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

How the West Was Won

How the West Was Won

Release Date: 1962-10-01 (59 years ago)
Carroll Baker
Eve Prescott Rawlings
Carroll Baker was:
Lee J. Cobb
Marshal Lou Ramsey
Lee J. Cobb was:
Henry Fonda
Jethro Stuart
Henry Fonda was:
Carolyn Jones
Julie Rawlings
Carolyn Jones was:
Karl Malden
Zebulon Prescott
Karl Malden was:
Gregory Peck
Cleve Van Valen
Gregory Peck was:
George Peppard
Zeb Rawlings
George Peppard was:
Robert Preston
Roger Morgan
Robert Preston was:
Debbie Reynolds
Lily Prescott
Debbie Reynolds was:
James Stewart
Linus Rawlings
James Stewart was:
Eli Wallach
Charlie Gant
Eli Wallach was:
John Wayne
William Sherman
John Wayne was:
Richard Widmark
Mike King
Richard Widmark was:
Brigid Bazlen
Jeb Hawkins' Daughter
Brigid Bazlen was:
Walter Brennan
Jeb Hawkins
Walter Brennan was:
David Brian
Lilith's Attorney
David Brian was:
Andy Devine
Andy Devine was:
Raymond Massey
Abraham Lincoln
Raymond Massey was:
Agnes Moorehead
Rebecca Prescott
Agnes Moorehead was:
Harry Morgan
Ulysses S. Grant
Harry Morgan was:
Thelma Ritter
Agatha Clegg
Thelma Ritter was:
Mickey Shaughnessy
Deputy Stover
Mickey Shaughnessy was:
Russ Tamblyn
Confederate Deserter
Russ Tamblyn was:
Spencer Tracy
Narrator (voice)
Spencer Tracy was:
Harry Dean Stanton
Gant Henchman
Harry Dean Stanton was:
Lee Van Cleef
River Pirate
Lee Van Cleef was:
Rodolfo Acosta
Gant Gang Member
Rodolfo Acosta was:
Clinton Sundberg
Hylan Seabury
Clinton Sundberg was:
Willis Bouchey
Civil War Surgeon (uncredited)
Willis Bouchey was:
Claude Johnson
Jeremiah Rawlings (uncredited)
Claude Johnson was:
Kim Charney
Sam Prescott (uncredited)
Kim Charney was:
Bryan Russell
Zeke Prescott (uncredited)
Bryan Russell was:
Stanley Livingston
Prescott Rawlings (uncredited)
Stanley Livingston was:
Jay C. Flippen
Huggins (uncredited)
Jay C. Flippen was:
Tudor Owen
Alec Harvey (uncredited)
Tudor Owen was:
Karl Swenson
Train Conductor (uncredited)
Karl Swenson was:
James Griffith
Gambler (uncredited)
James Griffith was:
Jack Pennick
Cpl. Murphy
Jack Pennick was:
Jim Michael
Barfly (uncredited)
Jim Michael was:
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