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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1960-03-27 (61 years ago)
Paul Newman
Ari Ben Canaan
Paul Newman was:
Eva Marie Saint
Kitty Fremont
Eva Marie Saint was:
Ralph Richardson
Gen. Sutherland
Ralph Richardson was:
Peter Lawford
Maj. Caldwell
Peter Lawford was:
Lee J. Cobb
Barak Ben Canaan
Lee J. Cobb was:
Sal Mineo
Dov Landau
Sal Mineo was:
John Derek
John Derek was:
Hugh Griffith
Hugh Griffith was:
Gregory Ratoff
Gregory Ratoff was:
Felix Aylmer
Dr. Lieberman
Felix Aylmer was:
David Opatoshu
Akiva Ben Canaan
David Opatoshu was:
Jill Haworth
Jill Haworth was:
Marius Goring
Von Storch
Marius Goring was:
Alexandra Stewart
Jordana Ben Canaan
Alexandra Stewart was:
Michael Wager
David Ben Ami
Michael Wager was:
Martin Benson
Martin Benson was:
Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens was:
Betty Walker
Betty Walker was:
Martin Miller
Dr. Odenheim
Martin Miller was:
Victor Maddern
Victor Maddern was:
George Maharis
George Maharis was:
John Crawford
Capt. Hank Schlosberg
John Crawford was:
Shmuel Segal
Dov Contact Proprietor
Shmuel Segal was:
Dahn Ben Amotz
Dahn Ben Amotz was:
Ralph Truman
Ralph Truman was:
Peter Madden
Dr. Clement
Peter Madden was:
Joseph Fürst
Joseph Fürst was:
Paul Stassino
Driver-Guide on Cyprus
Paul Stassino was:
Michael Wynne
Michael Wynne was:
Mark Burns
Lt. O'Hara
Mark Burns was:
Esther Ofarim
Mrs. Hirschberg
Esther Ofarim was:
Zipora Peled
Mrs. Frankel
Zipora Peled was:
Philo Hauser
Philo Hauser was:
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