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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Gene Generation

The Gene Generation

Release Date: Monday, January 1 2007 (16 years ago)
Portrait of Bai LingBai Ling
Bai Ling was:
Portrait of Alec NewmanAlec Newman
Alec Newman was:
Portrait of Parry ShenParry Shen
Parry Shen was:
Portrait of Faye DunawayFaye Dunaway
Dr. Josephine Hayden
Faye Dunaway was:
Portrait of Ethan CohnEthan Cohn
Ethan Cohn was:
Portrait of Michael Shamus WilesMichael Shamus Wiles
Michael Shamus Wiles was:
Portrait of Daniel ZacapaDaniel Zacapa
Daniel Zacapa was:
Portrait of Robert David HallRobert David Hall
Robert David Hall was:
Portrait of Tom ChoiTom Choi
Tom Choi was:
Portrait of Jennifer ChuJennifer Chu
Jennifer Chu was:
Portrait of Erin LayneErin Layne
Aereann Flyer Announcer
Erin Layne was:
Portrait of Jeff ImadaJeff Imada
Alley Guy
Jeff Imada was:
Portrait of Nils Allen StewartNils Allen Stewart
Bodyguard 1
Nils Allen Stewart was:
Portrait of Richard CetroneRichard Cetrone
Bodyguard 2
Richard Cetrone was:
Portrait of Hiro KodaHiro Koda
Bodyguard 3
Hiro Koda was:
Portrait of Marco KhanMarco Khan
Bodyguard 4
Marco Khan was:
Portrait of E.R. RuizE.R. Ruiz
Bodyguard 5
E.R. Ruiz was:
Portrait of Allison DunbarAllison Dunbar
Christian's Wife
Allison Dunbar was:
Portrait of Nick TateNick Tate
Nick Tate was:
Portrait of Googy GressGoogy Gress
Hacked Man
Googy Gress was:
Portrait of Layton MatthewsLayton Matthews
Lab Guy
Layton Matthews was:
Portrait of Tom TateTom Tate
TV Reporter
Tom Tate was:
Portrait of Jordan DangJordan Dang
Young Jackie
Jordan Dang was:
Portrait of Faber DewarFaber Dewar
Faber Dewar was:
Portrait of Alice RietveldAlice Rietveld
Ticket Girl
Alice Rietveld was:
Portrait of Meredith MajorsMeredith Majors
Hacked Man's Girl
Meredith Majors was:
Portrait of Shannon DangShannon Dang
Young Michelle (uncredited)
Shannon Dang was:
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