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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Le mystère des jonquilles

Le mystère des jonquilles

Release Date: Friday, July 18 2014 (8 years ago)
Portrait of Jean-Pierre MockyJean-Pierre Mocky
Jean-Pierre Mocky was:
Portrait of Isabelle NantyIsabelle Nanty
Isabelle Nanty was:
Portrait of Richard BohringerRichard Bohringer
Richard Bohringer was:
Portrait of Denis LavantDenis Lavant
Denis Lavant was:
Portrait of Laura MélinandLaura Mélinand
Odette Rider
Laura Mélinand was:
Portrait of Alain BouziguesAlain Bouzigues
Alain Bouzigues was:
Portrait of Bing YinBing Yin
Ling Chu
Bing Yin was:
Portrait of Michel BertayMichel Bertay
Michel Bertay was:
Portrait of Laurent BirasLaurent Biras
le docteur Simon
Laurent Biras was:
Portrait of Frédéric BoismoreauFrédéric Boismoreau
L'adjoint de Willard
Frédéric Boismoreau was:
Portrait of Olivier SautonOlivier Sauton
Le Domestique de Mme Rider
Olivier Sauton was:
Portrait of Emmanuelle WeberEmmanuelle Weber
Emmanuelle Weber was:
Portrait of Jenny Del PinoJenny Del Pino
Secrétaire de Lannes
Jenny Del Pino was:
Portrait of Raphaël ScheerRaphaël Scheer
Le Concierge d'Odette
Raphaël Scheer was:
Portrait of Hélène BizotHélène Bizot
Mme Rider
Hélène Bizot was:
Portrait of Claire CorlierClaire Corlier
Claire Corlier was:
Portrait of Benoît ChaigneauBenoît Chaigneau
Portier de l'Hôtel
Benoît Chaigneau was:
Portrait of Patrice LebadezetPatrice Lebadezet
Policier faction
Patrice Lebadezet was:
Portrait of Lionel LagetLionel Laget
Lionel Laget was:
Portrait of Yu LuYu Lu
Sœur Ling Chu
Yu Lu was:
Portrait of Jérôme LenôtreJérôme Lenôtre
Veilleur de l'Hôtel
Jérôme Lenôtre was:
Portrait of Michel StobacMichel Stobac
Michel Stobac was:
Portrait of Philippe BourdilPhilippe Bourdil
Sdf du Cimetière
Philippe Bourdil was:
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