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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Punisher

The Punisher

Release Date: Thursday, October 5 1989 (32 years ago)
Portrait of Dolph LundgrenDolph Lundgren
Frank Castle / The Punisher
Dolph Lundgren was:
Portrait of Louis Gossett Jr.Louis Gossett Jr.
Jake Berkowitz
Louis Gossett Jr. was:
Portrait of Jeroen KrabbéJeroen Krabbé
Gianni Franco
Jeroen Krabbé was:
Portrait of Kim MiyoriKim Miyori
Lady Tanaka
Kim Miyori was:
Portrait of Bryan MarshallBryan Marshall
Dino Moretti
Bryan Marshall was:
Portrait of Nancy EverhardNancy Everhard
Sam Leary
Nancy Everhard was:
Portrait of Barry OttoBarry Otto
Barry Otto was:
Portrait of Brian RooneyBrian Rooney
Tommy Franco
Brian Rooney was:
Portrait of Zoshka MizakZoshka Mizak
Tanaka's Daughter
Zoshka Mizak was:
Portrait of Kenji YamakiKenji Yamaki
Kenji Yamaki was:
Portrait of Hirofumi KanayamaHirofumi Kanayama
Hirofumi Kanayama was:
Portrait of Larry McCormickLarry McCormick
TV Newsreader
Larry McCormick was:
Portrait of Todd BoyceTodd Boyce
Todd Boyce was:
Portrait of Lani John TupuLani John Tupu
Lani John Tupu was:
Portrait of Gianfranco NegroponteGianfranco Negroponte
Gianfranco Negroponte was:
Portrait of Christian ManonChristian Manon
French Leader
Christian Manon was:
Portrait of Brooke AndersonBrooke Anderson
Annie Castle
Brooke Anderson was:
Portrait of John SamahaJohn Samaha
Elevator Repairman
John Samaha was:
Portrait of Donal GibsonDonal Gibson
Donal Gibson was:
Portrait of Ken WayneKen Wayne
Ken Wayne was:
Portrait of Roslyn GentleRoslyn Gentle
Roslyn Gentle was:
Portrait of Aku KadogoAku Kadogo
Aku Kadogo was:
Portrait of Char FontaneChar Fontane
Laurie Silver
Char Fontane was:
Portrait of Richard CarterRichard Carter
Richard Carter was:
Portrait of May LloydMay Lloyd
Julie Castle
May Lloyd was:
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