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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Inerasable

The Inerasable

Release Date: 2016-01-30 (5 years ago)
Yuko Takeuchi
Yuko Takeuchi was:
Ai Hashimoto
Ai Hashimoto was:
Kuranosuke Sasaki
Yoshiaki Hiraoka
Kuranosuke Sasaki was:
Kentaro Sakaguchi
Tetsuo Misawa
Kentaro Sakaguchi was:
Kenichi Takitoh
Kenichi Takitoh was:
Yorie Yamashita
Yorie Yamashita was:
Kento Shibuya
Kento Shibuya was:
Ryo Narita
Ryo Narita was:
Shinji Matsubayashi
Shinji Matsubayashi was:
Ichiro Hashimoto
Shoichi Iida
Ichiro Hashimoto was:
Yukiko Shinohara
Eiko Iida
Yukiko Shinohara was:
Rihito Matsuura
Kazuya Iida
Rihito Matsuura was:
Izumi Matsuoka
Izumi Matsuoka was:
Kunihiro Suda
Henmi's husband
Kunihiro Suda was:
Miyoko Inagawa
Miyoko Inagawa was:
Chiaki Kawamo
Chiaki Kawamo was:
Makoto Ashikawa
Mashiko's father-in-law
Makoto Ashikawa was:
Kaoru Mizuki
Mashiko's mother-in-law
Kaoru Mizuki was:
Taiki Nakabayashi
Mashiko's husband
Taiki Nakabayashi was:
Kae Onuki
Sayako Kusakabe
Kae Onuki was:
Sachiko Nakagome
Sayako Kusakabe (young)
Sachiko Nakagome was:
Yuni Takimoto
Sayako's younger sister
Yuni Takimoto was:
Erika Shumoto
Misao Nakamura
Erika Shumoto was:
Hikohiko Sugiyama
Real estate agent
Hikohiko Sugiyama was:
Karin Ono
Karin Ono was:
Izumi Kasagi
Izumi Kasagi was:
Ken Yoshizawa
Ken Yoshizawa was:
Mansaku Fuwa
Mansaku Fuwa was:
Kôichi Ueda
Kôichi Ueda was:
Hisao Kanno
Hisao Kanno was:
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