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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Fukushima 50

Fukushima 50

Release Date: 2020-03-06 (1 year ago)
Ken Watanabe
Masao Yoshida
Ken Watanabe was:
Koichi Sato
Toshio Izaki
Koichi Sato was:
Hidetaka Yoshioka
Takumi Maeda
Hidetaka Yoshioka was:
Narumi Yasuda
Mari Asano
Narumi Yasuda was:
Naoto Ogata
Shoichi Nojiri
Naoto Ogata was:
Shôhei Hino
Hisao Omori
Shôhei Hino was:
Mitsuru Hirata
Shigeru Hirayama
Mitsuru Hirata was:
Masato Hagiwara
Kazuo Igawa
Masato Hagiwara was:
Keisuke Horibe
Katsuji Kano
Keisuke Horibe was:
Hisahiro Ogura
Kota Yano
Hisahiro Ogura was:
Masato Wada
Akira Honda
Masato Wada was:
Masanori ishii
Yasuaki Kudo
Masanori ishii was:
Masaki Miura
Shinji Naito
Masaki Miura was:
Arata Horii
Masaki Nishikawa
Arata Horii was:
Yuta Kanai
Koji Miyamoto
Yuta Kanai was:
Shuichiro Masuda
Hiroyuki Komiya
Shuichiro Masuda was:
Kunihiro Suda
Jun Yamagishi
Kunihiro Suda was:
Sarutoki Minagawa
Nobuyuki Higuchi
Sarutoki Minagawa was:
Ryō Ono
Akira Sasaki
Ryō Ono was:
Kazuhiko Kanayama
Norikazu Igarashi
Kazuhiko Kanayama was:
Yoshihisa Amano
Manabu Mochizuki
Yoshihisa Amano was:
Tomorowo Taguchi
Kazuhiko Fukuhara
Tomorowo Taguchi was:
Yasunori Danta
Goro Takemaru
Yasunori Danta was:
Eisuke Sasai
Hideki Onodera
Eisuke Sasai was:
Shiro Sano
Prime Minister
Shiro Sano was:
Akio Kaneda
Chief Cabinet Secretary
Akio Kaneda was:
Mantaro Koichi
Chairman of Japanese Nuclear Safety Commission
Mantaro Koichi was:
Kenichi Yajima
Director of Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
Kenichi Yajima was:
Kenji Anan
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Kenji Anan was:
Masayuki Itô
Special Adviser to the Prime Minister
Masayuki Itô was:
newspaper reporter
Dankan was:
Riho Yoshioka
Haruka Izaki
Riho Yoshioka was:
Yasuko Tomita
Tomoko Izaki
Yasuko Tomita was:
Masane Tsukayama
Keizo Izaki
Masane Tsukayama was:
Takumi Saitoh
Dai Takizawa
Takumi Saitoh was:
Yuri Nakamura
Kana Maeda
Yuri Nakamura was:
Shigeru Izumiya
Shigeru Izumiya was:
Yasuyuki Maekawa
Hidekatsu Henmi
Yasuyuki Maekawa was:
Daniel Kahl
Daniel Kahl was:
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