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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Box

The Box

Release Date: 2007-01-01 (13 years ago)
Yul Vazquez
Finn Williams
Yul Vazquez was:
A.J. Buckley
Danny Schamus
A.J. Buckley was:
Gabrielle Union
Cris Romano
Gabrielle Union was:
Giancarlo Esposito
Dwayne Burkhalter
Giancarlo Esposito was:
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes was:
Jason George
Kirby Ferguson
Jason George was:
Patricia Kara
Patricia Kara was:
James Madio
Rob Ortiz
James Madio was:
RZA was:
Brett Donowho
Tommy Blaine
Brett Donowho was:
Erin Cardillo
Erin Cardillo was:
Noa Dori
Opera Singer
Noa Dori was:
Max Ryan
Ray Kamen
Max Ryan was:
Mike Matthias
Elliot Creed
Mike Matthias was:
Amanda Ward
Amanda Ward was:
Alayna Corrick
Alayna Corrick was:
Shisonia Franchesca
Shisonia Franchesca was:
Brandin Rackley
Brandin Rackley was:
Nicole Bilderback
Marti Chang
Nicole Bilderback was:
F. Valentino Morales
Jailer Clay
F. Valentino Morales was:
Kelvin Brown
Kelvin Brown was:
Joe Plante
Jailer CJ
Joe Plante was:
Norma Parker
Creed's Girlfriend
Norma Parker was:
Misty Miller
Misty Miller was:
Ric Robles
Businessman #2
Ric Robles was:
Johnny Hall
Businessman #3
Johnny Hall was:
Mr. Mike
Businessman #4
Mr. Mike was:
Kinetic was:
Japanese Woman
hitomi was:
Michael Matthias
Elliott Creed
Michael Matthias was:
Mía Maestro
Sasha Eccles
Mía Maestro was:
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