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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Release Date: 2012-12-25 (7 years ago)
Jamie Foxx
Django Freeman
Jamie Foxx was:
Christoph Waltz
Dr. King Schultz
Christoph Waltz was:
Leonardo DiCaprio
Calvin J. Candie
Leonardo DiCaprio was:
Kerry Washington
Broomhilda von Shaft
Kerry Washington was:
Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson was:
Walton Goggins
Billy Crash
Walton Goggins was:
Dennis Christopher
Leonide Moguy
Dennis Christopher was:
James Remar
Butch Pooch / Ace Speck
James Remar was:
David Steen
Mr. Stonesipher
David Steen was:
Dana Gourrier
Dana Gourrier was:
Nichole Galicia
Nichole Galicia was:
Laura Cayouette
Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly
Laura Cayouette was:
Ato Essandoh
Ato Essandoh was:
Sammi Rotibi
Sammi Rotibi was:
Clay Donahue Fontenot
Big Fred's Opponent
Clay Donahue Fontenot was:
Escalante Lundy
Big Fred
Escalante Lundy was:
Miriam F. Glover
Miriam F. Glover was:
Don Johnson
Spencer "Big Daddy" Bennett
Don Johnson was:
Franco Nero
Amerigo Vessepi
Franco Nero was:
James Russo
Dicky Speck
James Russo was:
Tom Wopat
U.S. Marshall Gill Tatum
Tom Wopat was:
Don Stroud
Sheriff Bill Sharp
Don Stroud was:
Amber Tamblyn
Daughter of a Son of a Gunfighter
Amber Tamblyn was:
Bruce Dern
Old Man Carrucan
Bruce Dern was:
M.C. Gainey
Big John Brittle
M.C. Gainey was:
Cooper Huckabee
Lil Raj Brittle
Cooper Huckabee was:
Doc Duhame
Ellis Brittle
Doc Duhame was:
Jonah Hill
Bag Head #2
Jonah Hill was:
Lee Horsley
Sheriff Gus (Snowy Snow)
Lee Horsley was:
Zoë Bell
Zoë Bell was:
Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen was:
Robert Carradine
Robert Carradine was:
Jake Garber
Jake Garber was:
Ted Neeley
Ted Neeley was:
James Parks
James Parks was:
Tom Savini
Tom Savini was:
Michael Parks
The LeQuint Dickey Mining Co. Employee
Michael Parks was:
John Jarratt
The Le Quint Dickey Mining Co. Employee
John Jarratt was:
Quentin Tarantino
The LeQuint Dickey Mining Co. Employee
Quentin Tarantino was:
Amari Cheatom
Amari Cheatom was:
Keith Jefferson
Pudgy Ralph
Keith Jefferson was:
Marcus Henderson
Big Sid
Marcus Henderson was:
Lil Chuuch
Slave on Chain Gang
Lil Chuuch was:
Kinetic was:
Louise Stratten
Daughtrey Saloon Girl
Louise Stratten was:
Kim Robillard
Saloon Keeper Pete
Kim Robillard was:
Shana Stein
Daughtrey Bitty
Shana Stein was:
Shannon Hazlett
Daughtrey Saloon Girl
Shannon Hazlett was:
Jack Lucarelli
Daughtrey Rifleman
Jack Lucarelli was:
Victoria Thomas
Daughtrey Woman
Victoria Thomas was:
Grace Collins
Grace Bennett
Grace Collins was:
Sharon Pierre-Louis
Little Jody
Sharon Pierre-Louis was:
Christopher Berry
Christopher Berry was:
Kim Collins
Kim Collins was:
Dane Rhodes
Tennessee Redfish
Dane Rhodes was:
J.D. Evermore
J.D. Evermore was:
Rex Linn
Tennessee Harry
Rex Linn was:
Michael Bacall
Smitty Bacall
Michael Bacall was:
Ronan Hice
Ronan Hice was:
Ned Bellamy
Ned Bellamy was:
Dave Coennen
Mr. Eigglesworth
Dave Coennen was:
Danièle Watts
Danièle Watts was:
Jon Eyez
Jon Eyez was:
Omar J. Dorsey
Chicken Charlie
Omar J. Dorsey was:
Evan Parke
Evan Parke was:
Craig Stark
Tommy Gilles
Craig Stark was:
Brian Brown
Hoot Peters
Brian Brown was:
Ritchie Montgomery
Overseer Johnny Jerome
Ritchie Montgomery was:
Nicholas Dashnaw
Nicholas Dashnaw was:
Jarrod Bunch
Jarrod Bunch was:
Edrick Browne
Edrick Browne was:
Kerry Sims
Kerry Sims was:
Jamal Duff
Jamal Duff was:
Todd Allen
Dollar Bill
Todd Allen was:
Lewis Smith
Jinglebells Cody
Lewis Smith was:
Keniaryn Mitchell
Keniaryn Mitchell was:
Jakel Marshall
House Servant
Jakel Marshall was:
Carl Singleton
Carl / House Servant
Carl Singleton was:
Ashley Toman
Ashley Toman was:
John McConnell
John McConnell was:
Mark Amos
Beard Man (uncredited)
Mark Amos was:
Monica Rene'e Anderson
House Servant (uncredited)
Monica Rene'e Anderson was:
Marsha Stephanie Blake
House Slave (uncredited)
Marsha Stephanie Blake was:
Catherine Lambert
House Slave (uncredited)
Catherine Lambert was:
Deborah Ayorinde
Cleopatra Pony (uncredited)
Deborah Ayorinde was:
Takara Clark
Pony (uncredited)
Takara Clark was:
Kimberley Drummond
Pony (uncredited)
Kimberley Drummond was:
Tenaj L. Jackson
Pony (uncredited)
Tenaj L. Jackson was:
Carl Bailey
Mandingo Overseer (uncredited)
Carl Bailey was:
Ross P. Cook
Overseer (uncredited)
Ross P. Cook was:
Gregory Allen Gabroy
Overseer (uncredited)
Gregory Allen Gabroy was:
Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
Overseer (uncredited)
Gene Kevin Hames Jr. was:
Seth Bailey
Daughtrey Rifleman (uncredited)
Seth Bailey was:
David G. Baker
Slave Master (uncredited)
David G. Baker was:
Richie J. Ladner
Slave Master (uncredited)
Richie J. Ladner was:
Glen Warner
Slave Overseer (uncredited)
Glen Warner was:
Kesha Bullard
Crazy Sadie (uncredited)
Kesha Bullard was:
Edward J. Clare
Plantation Owner (uncredited)
Edward J. Clare was:
Jordon Michael Corbin
Samson (uncredited)
Jordon Michael Corbin was:
Mike DeMille
Cowboy (uncredited)
Mike DeMille was:
Gary Grubbs
Bob Gibbs (uncredited)
Gary Grubbs was:
Justin Hall
Goat Farmer (uncredited)
Justin Hall was:
Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson
Towns person (uncredited)
Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson was:
Sandra Linz
Town Woman (uncredited)
Sandra Linz was:
Kasey James
Mule Wrangler (uncredited)
Kasey James was:
Skipper Landry
Cleo Master (uncredited)
Skipper Landry was:
Elton LeBlanc
Cleo Club Patron / Polly Wolly Singer (uncredited)
Elton LeBlanc was:
Cindy Mah
Chinese Boy (uncredited)
Cindy Mah was:
Johnny Otto
Dr. Brown (uncredited)
Johnny Otto was:
Belinda Owino
Candyland House Servant (uncredited)
Belinda Owino was:
Mark Ulano
Gabby the Banker (uncredited)
Mark Ulano was:
Misty Upham
Minnie (uncredited)
Misty Upham was:
Russ Tamblyn
Son of a Gunfighter
Russ Tamblyn was:
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