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Poster of Envy


Release Date: Friday, April 30 2004 (18 years ago)
Portrait of Ben StillerBen Stiller
Tim Dingman
Ben Stiller was:
Portrait of Jack BlackJack Black
Nick Vanderpark
Jack Black was:
Portrait of Rachel WeiszRachel Weisz
Debbie Dingman
Rachel Weisz was:
Portrait of Christopher WalkenChristopher Walken
Christopher Walken was:
Portrait of Amy PoehlerAmy Poehler
Natalie Vanderpark
Amy Poehler was:
Portrait of Ariel GadeAriel Gade
Lula Dingman
Ariel Gade was:
Portrait of Sam LernerSam Lerner
Michael Dingman
Sam Lerner was:
Portrait of Lily JacksonLily Jackson
Nellie Vanderpark
Lily Jackson was:
Portrait of Connor MatheusConnor Matheus
Nathan Vanderpark
Connor Matheus was:
Portrait of Hector EliasHector Elias
Hector Elias was:
Portrait of Angee HughesAngee Hughes
Woman at Play
Angee Hughes was:
Portrait of Manny KleinmuntzManny Kleinmuntz
Manny Kleinmuntz was:
Portrait of Blue DeckertBlue Deckert
Blue Deckert was:
Portrait of John GaviganJohn Gavigan
John Gavigan was:
Portrait of Terry BozemanTerry Bozeman
3M Worker
Terry Bozeman was:
Portrait of Brian ReddyBrian Reddy
Mr. Parmenter
Brian Reddy was:
Portrait of E.J. CallahanE.J. Callahan
E.J. Callahan was:
Portrait of Edith JeffersonEdith Jefferson
Edith Jefferson was:
Portrait of Tom McCleisterTom McCleister
Tom McCleister was:
Portrait of TumbleweedTumbleweed
Tumbleweed was:
Portrait of John MarrottJohn Marrott
State Trooper
John Marrott was:
Portrait of Ofer SamraOfer Samra
Ofer Samra was:
Portrait of Daniel LugoDaniel Lugo
Italian Minister
Daniel Lugo was:
Portrait of Frank RomanFrank Roman
Frank Roman was:
Portrait of Randall BosleyRandall Bosley
Randall Bosley was:
Portrait of Amy HigginsAmy Higgins
Vanderpark Nanny
Amy Higgins was:
Portrait of Curtis AndersenCurtis Andersen
Young Kissing Man
Curtis Andersen was:
Portrait of Maricela OchoaMaricela Ochoa
Dr. Fernandez
Maricela Ochoa was:
Portrait of Tara KarsianTara Karsian
Lab Assistant
Tara Karsian was:
Portrait of Ted RooneyTed Rooney
Upscale Auctioneer
Ted Rooney was:
Portrait of Douglas RobertsDouglas Roberts
Downscale Auctioneer
Douglas Roberts was:
Portrait of Melissa PoukMelissa Pouk
Girl #1 at Play (Bee)
Melissa Pouk was:
Portrait of Ashlynn RoseAshlynn Rose
Girl #2 at Play (Butterfly)
Ashlynn Rose was:
Portrait of Hannah RosenbergHannah Rosenberg
Girl #3 at Play (Flower)
Hannah Rosenberg was:
Portrait of Atiana Coons-ParkerAtiana Coons-Parker
Girl #4 at Play (Rock)
Atiana Coons-Parker was:
Portrait of Jacob GreenblattJacob Greenblatt
Boy #1 at Play (Duck)
Jacob Greenblatt was:
Portrait of Cayden BoydCayden Boyd
Boy #2 at Play (Wolf)
Cayden Boyd was:
Portrait of Nicholas SugimotoNicholas Sugimoto
Boy #3 at Play (Worm)
Nicholas Sugimoto was:
Portrait of Jaye K. DanfordJaye K. Danford
Campaign Emcee
Jaye K. Danford was:
Portrait of Gustavo HernandezGustavo Hernandez
Pool Worker
Gustavo Hernandez was:
Portrait of Kent ShocknekKent Shocknek
Kent Shocknek was:
Portrait of Tracy DixonTracy Dixon
Teacher at Play
Tracy Dixon was:
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