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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Release Date: Monday, June 28 2004 (18 years ago)
Portrait of Will FerrellWill Ferrell
Ron Burgundy
Will Ferrell was:
Portrait of Christina ApplegateChristina Applegate
Veronica Corningstone
Christina Applegate was:
Portrait of Paul RuddPaul Rudd
Brian Fantana
Paul Rudd was:
Portrait of Steve CarellSteve Carell
Brick Tamland
Steve Carell was:
Portrait of David KoechnerDavid Koechner
Champ Kind
David Koechner was:
Portrait of Fred WillardFred Willard
Ed Harken
Fred Willard was:
Portrait of Chris ParnellChris Parnell
Garth Holliday
Chris Parnell was:
Portrait of Kathryn HahnKathryn Hahn
Kathryn Hahn was:
Portrait of Fred ArmisenFred Armisen
Fred Armisen was:
Portrait of Seth RogenSeth Rogen
Eager Cameraman
Seth Rogen was:
Portrait of Paul F. TompkinsPaul F. Tompkins
Paul F. Tompkins was:
Portrait of Danny TrejoDanny Trejo
Danny Trejo was:
Portrait of Scot RobinsonScot Robinson
Waiter at Tino's
Scot Robinson was:
Portrait of Ian RobertsIan Roberts
Stage Manager
Ian Roberts was:
Portrait of Darcy DonavanDarcy Donavan
Hot Blonde
Darcy Donavan was:
Portrait of Renee WeldonRenee Weldon
Petite Brunette
Renee Weldon was:
Portrait of Jerry MinorJerry Minor
Tino's Bassist
Jerry Minor was:
Portrait of Holmes OsborneHolmes Osborne
Holmes Osborne was:
Portrait of Charles WalkerCharles Walker
Security Guard
Charles Walker was:
Portrait of Thomas E. MastroliaThomas E. Mastrolia
Biker Guy
Thomas E. Mastrolia was:
Portrait of Jay JohnstonJay Johnston
Eyewitness News Member
Jay Johnston was:
Portrait of Peter A. HulnePeter A. Hulne
Man in Kitchen
Peter A. Hulne was:
Portrait of Laura KightlingerLaura Kightlinger
Laura Kightlinger was:
Portrait of Adam McKayAdam McKay
Adam McKay was:
Portrait of Joseph T. MastroliaJoseph T. Mastrolia
Joseph T. Mastrolia was:
Portrait of Judd ApatowJudd Apatow
News Station Employee
Judd Apatow was:
Portrait of Debra McGuireDebra McGuire
News Station Employee
Debra McGuire was:
Portrait of Kent ShocknekKent Shocknek
Network Reporter
Kent Shocknek was:
Portrait of Monique McIntyreMonique McIntyre
Yelling Woman
Monique McIntyre was:
Portrait of Bob RummlerBob Rummler
Bob Rummler was:
Portrait of Chuck PoynterChuck Poynter
Chuck Poynter was:
Portrait of Esmerelda McQuillanEsmerelda McQuillan
Middle Class Mother
Esmerelda McQuillan was:
Portrait of Angela GrilloAngela Grillo
Elderly Woman
Angela Grillo was:
Portrait of Lionel AllenLionel Allen
Wealthy Family Father
Lionel Allen was:
Portrait of Trina D. JohnsonTrina D. Johnson
Wealthy Family Mother
Trina D. Johnson was:
Portrait of Fred DreschFred Dresch
Fred Dresch was:
Portrait of Glen HamblyGlen Hambly
Middle Class Dad
Glen Hambly was:
Portrait of Stuart GoldStuart Gold
Nursing Room Resident
Stuart Gold was:
Portrait of Bill KurtisBill Kurtis
Bill Lawson - Narrator (voice)
Bill Kurtis was:
Portrait of Jack BlackJack Black
Jack Black was:
Portrait of Ben StillerBen Stiller
Arturo Mendes
Ben Stiller was:
Portrait of Luke WilsonLuke Wilson
Frank Vitchard
Luke Wilson was:
Portrait of Frank GorgieFrank Gorgie
Frank the Bartender (uncredited)
Frank Gorgie was:
Portrait of Missi PyleMissi Pyle
Zoo Keeper (uncredited)
Missi Pyle was:
Portrait of Tim RobbinsTim Robbins
Public TV News Anchor
Tim Robbins was:
Portrait of Vince VaughnVince Vaughn
Wes Mantooth
Vince Vaughn was:
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