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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Eat My Dust

Eat My Dust

Release Date: Thursday, April 1 1976 (46 years ago)
Portrait of Ron HowardRon Howard
Hoover Niebold
Ron Howard was:
Portrait of Christopher NorrisChristopher Norris
Darlene Kurtz
Christopher Norris was:
Portrait of Brad DavidBrad David
Billy B. Westerby
Brad David was:
Portrait of Kathy O'DareKathy O'Dare
Miranda Smith
Kathy O'Dare was:
Portrait of Clint HowardClint Howard
George Poole Jr.
Clint Howard was:
Portrait of Peter IsacksenPeter Isacksen
Junior Hale (as Pete Isacksen)
Peter Isacksen was:
Portrait of Jessica PotterJessica Potter
Lallie Chandler
Jessica Potter was:
Portrait of Warren J. KemmerlingWarren J. Kemmerling
Sheriff Harry Niebold (as Warren Kemmerling)
Warren J. Kemmerling was:
Portrait of Charles HowertonCharles Howerton
Dep. Jay Beah
Charles Howerton was:
Portrait of Kedric WolfeKedric Wolfe
Dep. Brookside
Kedric Wolfe was:
Portrait of John KramerJohn Kramer
Dep. Sebastiani
John Kramer was:
Portrait of W.L. LuckeyW.L. Luckey
Dep. Gallo
W.L. Luckey was:
Portrait of Rance HowardRance Howard
Rance Howard was:
Portrait of Dave MaddenDave Madden
Big Bubba Jones
Dave Madden was:
Portrait of Paul BartelPaul Bartel
Bruno Smith
Paul Bartel was:
Portrait of Corbin BernsenCorbin Bernsen
Roy Puire
Corbin Bernsen was:
Portrait of Jerry FujikawaJerry Fujikawa
Chou Lick
Jerry Fujikawa was:
Portrait of John ThompsonJohn Thompson
John Thompson was:
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