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The Apology King

The Apology King

Release Date: 2013-09-28 (7 years ago)
Sadao Abe
Ryoro Kurojima
Sadao Abe was:
Mao Inoue
Noriko Kuramochi
Mao Inoue was:
Masaki Okada
Takuya Numata
Masaki Okada was:
Katsumi Takahashi
Tetsuro Nanbu
Katsumi Takahashi was:
Yutaka Takenouchi
Masanomi Minoa
Yutaka Takenouchi was:
Machiko Ono
Office worker
Machiko Ono was:
Yasuko Matsuyuki
Tetsuro's ex-wife
Yasuko Matsuyuki was:
Yoshiyoshi Arakawa
Gosaku Wada
Yoshiyoshi Arakawa was:
Gaku Hamada
Gaku Hamada was:
Tokio Emoto
Assistant director
Tokio Emoto was:
Toru Nomaguchi
Crown Prince of Empire Mantan
Toru Nomaguchi was:
Ryō Iwamatsu
Film director
Ryō Iwamatsu was:
Haruna Kawaguchi
Innocence type of actress
Haruna Kawaguchi was:
Seiji Rokkaku
Lawyer Takahata
Seiji Rokkaku was:
Hideo Nakano
Ierou Komura
Hideo Nakano was:
Mari Hamada
Mari Hamada was:
Satoru Matsuo
Satoru Matsuo was:
Nobuyuki Suzuki
Nobuyuki Suzuki was:
Kazushige Komatsu
Victim A
Kazushige Komatsu was:
Hideyuki Kasahara
Nanbu's manager
Hideyuki Kasahara was:
Nami Minami
Minami was:
Sei Matobu
Minowa's wife
Sei Matobu was:
Akira Shirai
Distribution company president
Akira Shirai was:
Kyusaku Shimada
Kyusaku Shimada was:
Yasuhi Nakamura
Mantan's film director
Yasuhi Nakamura was:
Suzu Hirose
Suzu Hirose was:
Matsu was:
Takehiko Ono
Takehiko Ono was:
Masane Tsukayama
old king of empire Mantan
Masane Tsukayama was:
Hidekazu Yasui
empire Mantan soldier
Hidekazu Yasui was:
Tetsuhiro Ikeda
Tetsuhiro Ikeda was:
Ruka Wakabayashi
Tsutomu Funaki
Ruka Wakabayashi was:
Musashi Mochizuki
Mantan kingdom soldier
Musashi Mochizuki was:
Ryuhei Watabe
Ryuhei Watabe was:
Fukiko Hara
Fukiko Hara was:
Yuki Kameda
Yuki Kameda was:
Rinna Inoue
Noriko 3 sai
Rinna Inoue was:
Hiroki Ôkawa
Nakineiri masuta
Hiroki Ôkawa was:
Shuhei Yoshinaga
Numa Taku joshi
Shuhei Yoshinaga was:
Sanshô Shinsui
Numa Taku chichi
Sanshô Shinsui was:
Kentaro Tamura
Gongododan ten'in Akaishi
Kentaro Tamura was:
Yuri Aikawa
Masayuki Mizuta
Yuri Aikawa was:
Jon Kabira
Jon Kabira was:
Mio Nakajima
Mio Nakajima was:
Dream Ami
Dream Ami was:
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
Hiroyuki Yamamoto was:
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