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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Courage Under Fire

Courage Under Fire

Release Date: Thursday, July 4 1996 (26 years ago)
Portrait of Denzel WashingtonDenzel Washington
Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Serling
Denzel Washington was:
Portrait of Meg RyanMeg Ryan
Captain Karen Emma Walden
Meg Ryan was:
Portrait of Lou Diamond PhillipsLou Diamond Phillips
Staff Sergeant John Monfriez
Lou Diamond Phillips was:
Portrait of Matt DamonMatt Damon
Matt Damon was:
Portrait of Michael MoriartyMichael Moriarty
Brigadier General Hershberg
Michael Moriarty was:
Portrait of Michole Briana WhiteMichole Briana White
Michole Briana White was:
Portrait of Bronson PinchotBronson Pinchot
Bronson Pinchot was:
Portrait of Amy HathawayAmy Hathaway
Amy Hathaway was:
Portrait of Diane BakerDiane Baker
Louise Boylar
Diane Baker was:
Portrait of Seth GilliamSeth Gilliam
Stephen Altameyer
Seth Gilliam was:
Portrait of Regina TaylorRegina Taylor
Meredith Serling
Regina Taylor was:
Portrait of Scott GlennScott Glenn
Scott Glenn was:
Portrait of Sean AstinSean Astin
Sean Astin was:
Portrait of Sean Patrick ThomasSean Patrick Thomas
Sean Patrick Thomas was:
Portrait of Zeljko IvanekZeljko Ivanek
Zeljko Ivanek was:
Portrait of Tim GuineeTim Guinee
Tim Guinee was:
Portrait of Tim RansomTim Ransom
Tim Ransom was:
Portrait of Ned VaughnNed Vaughn
Ned Vaughn was:
Portrait of Manny PérezManny Pérez
Manny Pérez was:
Portrait of David McSwainDavid McSwain
David McSwain was:
Portrait of Korey ColemanKorey Coleman
Radio operator
Korey Coleman was:
Portrait of Armand DarriusArmand Darrius
Armand Darrius was:
Portrait of Mark Adair-RiosMark Adair-Rios
Bobcat 5
Mark Adair-Rios was:
Portrait of Ken JenkinsKen Jenkins
Joel Walden
Ken Jenkins was:
Portrait of Kathleen WiddoesKathleen Widdoes
Geraldine Walden
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Portrait of Robert Brent LappinRobert Brent Lappin
Tank Commander (uncredited)
Robert Brent Lappin was:
Portrait of Jack WatkinsJack Watkins
Coffee Sergeant
Jack Watkins was:
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