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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Solitary Man

Solitary Man

Release Date: Monday, September 7 2009 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Michael DouglasMichael Douglas
Ben Kalmen
Michael Douglas was:
Portrait of Danny DeVitoDanny DeVito
Danny DeVito was:
Portrait of Jesse EisenbergJesse Eisenberg
Jesse Eisenberg was:
Portrait of Susan SarandonSusan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon was:
Portrait of Mary-Louise ParkerMary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker was:
Portrait of Jenna FischerJenna Fischer
Jenna Fischer was:
Portrait of Anastasia GriffithAnastasia Griffith
Carol Solomonde
Anastasia Griffith was:
Portrait of Imogen PootsImogen Poots
Allyson Karsch
Imogen Poots was:
Portrait of Richard SchiffRichard Schiff
Steve Heller
Richard Schiff was:
Portrait of Ben ShenkmanBen Shenkman
Pete Hartofilis
Ben Shenkman was:
Portrait of Anna KuchmaAnna Kuchma
Anna Kuchma was:
Portrait of Arthur J. NascarellaArthur J. Nascarella
Arthur J. Nascarella was:
Portrait of David CostabileDavid Costabile
Gary Porter
David Costabile was:
Portrait of Alex KaluzhskyAlex Kaluzhsky
Alex Kaluzhsky was:
Portrait of Stephanie DanielsonStephanie Danielson
Flirtatious Student
Stephanie Danielson was:
Portrait of Adam PallyAdam Pally
Irate Student
Adam Pally was:
Portrait of James ColbyJames Colby
Sgt. John Haverford
James Colby was:
Portrait of Lila UrdaLila Urda
Lila Urda was:
Portrait of Jake SicilianoJake Siciliano
Jake Siciliano was:
Portrait of Katherine OwensKatherine Owens
Alison's Friend
Katherine Owens was:
Portrait of Jolynn CarpenterJolynn Carpenter
Hipster Model (uncredited)
Jolynn Carpenter was:
Portrait of Ricky GarciaRicky Garcia
Waiter (uncredited)
Ricky Garcia was:
Portrait of Bianca GiancoliBianca Giancoli
Jogger (uncredited)
Bianca Giancoli was:
Portrait of Simona WilliamsSimona Williams
Simona Williams was:
Portrait of Gillian JacobsGillian Jacobs
Tall Girl
Gillian Jacobs was:
Portrait of Olivia ThirlbyOlivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby was:
Portrait of Brooklyn DeckerBrooklyn Decker
Woman Walking by Ben on the Bench (uncredited)
Brooklyn Decker was:
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