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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous

Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous

Release Date: Friday, November 7 2008 (14 years ago)
Portrait of Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson
Private Megan Valentine
Jessica Simpson was:
Portrait of Vivica A. FoxVivica A. Fox
Sergeant Louisa Morely
Vivica A. Fox was:
Portrait of Steve GuttenbergSteve Guttenberg
Sidney Green
Steve Guttenberg was:
Portrait of Aimee GarciaAimee Garcia
Private Vicky Castillo
Aimee Garcia was:
Portrait of Olesya RulinOlesya Rulin
Private Petrovich
Olesya Rulin was:
Portrait of Keiko AgenaKeiko Agena
Private Hailey Hamamori
Keiko Agena was:
Portrait of Jill Marie JonesJill Marie Jones
Private Connie Johnson
Jill Marie Jones was:
Portrait of Ryan SypekRyan Sypek
Sergeant Mills Evans
Ryan Sypek was:
Portrait of Cheri OteriCheri Oteri
Private Jeter
Cheri Oteri was:
Portrait of Gary GrubbsGary Grubbs
Captain Greer
Gary Grubbs was:
Portrait of Bryce JohnsonBryce Johnson
Derek O'Grady
Bryce Johnson was:
Portrait of Floriana TullioFloriana Tullio
Floriana Tullio was:
Portrait of Katie ChonacasKatie Chonacas
Katie Chonacas was:
Portrait of Andy MilonakisAndy Milonakis
Joe Kidd
Andy Milonakis was:
Portrait of Jennifer FinleyJennifer Finley
Jennifer Finley was:
Portrait of Katherine OwensKatherine Owens
Katherine Owens was:
Portrait of Kurt FullerKurt Fuller
Cousin Barry
Kurt Fuller was:
Portrait of James Harlon PalmerJames Harlon Palmer
Junior Agent (uncredited)
James Harlon Palmer was:
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